Save and Get More With MyPoints

Are you a crazy online shopper? Do you know that even if you shop online, you could save money and get rewarded. Yes, that could be possible and the prizes are  amazing. You can shop online from well-known merchants such as Target, Macy’s etc and get rewarded in forms of bounty cards of your beloved brands, cash and travel credits. All you need to do is become a member of MyPoints.

Save and Get More With MyPoints Overview
MyPoints works pretty simply, you need to visit: www.mypoints.com first.

Join MyPoints
Anyone can love the benefits of MyPoints by creating a MyPoints account, you need to cram out your private information by clicking “Sign  Up” such as your name, email address, etc then you will be asked to further finish your profile such as select your occupation, categories that you are interested in etc and then click “Submit”

 Earn points
You can love shopping your fave stuff from your beloved brands and retailers online and earning points at the same time. There are more than 1100 merchants covering various categories from Beauty & Fragrance to Home & Garden as well as in demand brands from GAP to Victoria’s Secret.

Want to earn more points? You can attempt these: pack out surveys to earn quick points, book travels thru MyPoints, have fun games  and prints coupons. More ways are waiting for you to be explored.

Get Your Rewards
Already earn enough points? It is time to redeem and love benefits.

Your prizes are enormous, could be bounty cards of your fave stores and restaurants such as Applebee’s, Banana Republic, could be cash deposited to your Paypal account or Visa prepaid card, and could be travel credits thru travel related bounty cards or travel miles.

About MyPoints
As the pioneer and leader of online shopping prizes program, MyPoints aims to help its members save money, get rewarded for shopping, help members get he best deals and offers, earn points with joy and ease and at the same time love one-stop-shop online shopping. Plus, MyPoints is one of the top online coupon sites.

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