Safeway Ingredients For Life

Safeway official site provides their customers with excellent deals and special offers as well as recipes, meal tips and supreme options for healthier living. If you want to save more at Safeway stores and love more privileges, just join membership at Safeway official site to know more.

Safeway Official Site Guide
For registration at Safeway, you will be asked to cram out all the fields required with your Club Number or Phone Number(used at checkout in place of card), Email Address, Password, Security Question and Answer, and Zip/Postal Code. If you need any help for registration or signing in, you can call customer support at 1-877-258-2799.

There are a few sections on the top of the site page under which you could find what you want at Safeway in an effortless and quick way. Here are what you can expects from the sections as follows:

  1. Just for U – You can always find the superb ways to save even more with its Coupon Center, Personalized Deals, Your Club Specials, Saving List, etc.
  2. Our Stores – A place for you to find more information about Safeway’s Weekly Specials, Club Card, Pharmacy, Produce. You may also love the convenience of extra features like to find a store nearby, update Safeway card information and more.
  3. Recipes & Meals – You an do Recipe Search and Ingredient Search. You can also get tips & technics support for the inspiration meals.
  4. Healthy Living – It cares about your health and helps you find nicer nutrition choices by suggesting SimpleNutrition tips and information.
  5. Blog – It is the official Safeway blog about family, food ,value and fun.
  6. Grocery Delivery – You can learn more about Safeway grocery delivery service here if you want to get your grocery fresh to your door.

About Safeway
Safeway is the 2nd largest US-based supermarket chain in North America. It is an American Fortune 500 company which has more than 1,600 stores across the US and Canada. They are proud to be a part of local communities to provide their customers with supreme prices on the newest produce and meat, plus thousands of daily lower price down every aisle.

Visit www.safeway.com to make savings as well as to make a healthy living.

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