Rostransnadzor has identified violations during the inspection of the St. Petersburg metro

The explosion in the subway of Saint Petersburg

Kyrgyzstan has denied the version of the FSB about the detention of the defendant in the case about the attack

The court arrested the brother of a possible organizer of the explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg
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Rostransnadzor has revealed numerous violations in the field of safety during the inspection of the Metropolitan of St. Petersburg, which began after the terrorist attack on 3 April. Violations relate both to technical resources and work of the people at the checkpoints

Check metro of Saint-Petersburg launched by the Rostransnadzor on April 3, revealed various irregularities in the area of security. This was announced by the head of Department Viktor Basargin, reports “RIA Novosti”.

According to him, the investigation is not over yet, but the violations “associated with safety measures, technical means, people who are on the pass.”

Basargin said that the test is not yet finished, because the metro is still working law enforcement agencies investigating the attack. “When they’re done, we’re done with them,” — said Basargin, adding that the completion of the test scheduled for early may.

The official said that the supervision now conducts tests on all subways of Russia. The Ministry hopes to complete it “within a month”.

Rostransnadzor started checking the St. Petersburg metro in connection with the attack on 3 April. Then on the stretch between the stations “Sennaya square” and “Institute of Technology” in one of the cars made up 22-year-old About Jalilov. On the same day, another explosive device was found at the metro station “Ploschad Vosstaniya” and neutralized.

Earlier the newspaper “Fontanka” reported with reference to materials of check of Prosecutor’s office that Jalilov was able to carry bombs in the subway, because of the metal detectors installed at the entrance to the station, no one was watching. According to the newspaper, before you go to the station “Academic”, Jalilov was watching the employees of the control service through a glass barrier. At this point, one of them was in the booth and the attendant was watching the turnstiles, the second was not looking beyond the detector and talked with a colleague in the booth, and the third was not due to illness.

“Fontanka” reported that at this station there were no police he was called to another station for arrest with a small party of the drug, and another “the subway employee was fond of a mobile game”.

After the explosion in the subway of Saint-Petersburg transport Ministry tightened security. Special measures were introduced at the strategic facilities of “Rosenergoatom”, as well as on Railways, in airports and in the subways of other cities.

The government of Moscow instructed to strengthen security measures in the capital’s subway — to increase the number of employees in inspection zones, to increase the number of inspections, enter additional orders with the dog, and strengthen the squads of the Ministry of internal Affairs, patrolling the entire infrastructure of the Moscow subway. Similar instructions were given to police by the mayor of Novosibirsk.

About the need to tighten control over passengers on public transport, said the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The Prime Minister also approved the requirements to antiterrorist protection of objects of the underground. One such measure should be the creation of rapid response teams in the metro, which will have the task to eliminate the consequences of advanced attacks and prevent them.