Reward Your Health With Walgreens Balance Rewards Program

Your health is not only essential to yourself but also to your families, so maintaining your health is your top priority.  Walgreens, a place which you can always turn to for hep when you have health problems, a place which you could count on for happiness and health. As a loyal customer of Walgreens, you can’t miss out its prizes program and earn points for your health.

Reward Your Health With Walgreens Balance Rewards Instructions

At Walgreens, you can always find what you want. With Walgreens Balance Rewards, you can get more for your health. Now join Walgreens Balence Rewards to get prize for your fitness.

Join the Balance Rewards

If you have joined Blance Rewards in Walgreen locations, you need to activate your membership online by injecting your Rewards or Phone Number.

If you do not have  Walgreens online account, you have to register by visiting www.walgreens.com/balance. There are two options: Registration with Basic Access, which is quicker to sign up. The other one is Registration with Pharmacy access but requires more information.  To register, you should inject your individual information such as your name, email, password you created, address, State, phone number, gender, and then click “Continue”, cautiously check your intimate details to confirm your intimate information by clicking “Submit”, after you accept the privacy policies, you have successfully created an account and your Balance Rewards membership has been created. You can begin earning points.

Earn Points

Look, you earn points on thousands of items  in store. For prescriptions and immunization and you can earn 500 points or even 1,500 points. You could also earn points for healthy activity.

To successfully earn points on your account: in store,  you should provide your phone number, flash your mobile card on your Mobile Walgreens App or introduce your corporal card. Online shopping, sign in with your username and your password first.

Redeem Points

Always remember, when you earn 5,000 points you get $5 reward, 1,0000 points, $10 reward

As a Balance Rewards Member, you can also love other benefits such as get sale prices at Walgreens and Duane Reade stores, converse anytime with Walgreens Rx experts etc.

About Walgreens

As the largest drug retailing chain in the United States, Walgreens operates stores in all states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam. Walgreens provides its customers goods and services thru its drug stores, pharmacy,Walgreens Health Services division, Walgreen Health and Wellness  division.

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