Review of New Balance Men’s MX623v2 Cross-Training Shoe

I believe that cross-training is one of the best ways to reach the greatest heights of physical fitness, which is why I take it quite seriously. As with any other sport, having the wrong gear could be your downfall. This is why I am usually checking to see what cross-training shoes are currently getting all the rave reviews for been well-suited to this form of exercise. As a matter of fact, this is how I came across New Balance Men’s MX623v2 Cross-Training Shoe. I thought I could share with you what I discovered about the shoe. So, here we go.

What’s Special About The Shoe?

Some things of note on this New Balance shoe, even when compared to its siblings, include the seamless Phantom Liner feature, which is supposed to prevent chafing. The shoe also relies on a proprietary ABZORB cushioning and injection-molded midsole that is supposed to give you comfort and support whenever you are wearing the shoe. Obviously, only a hands-on test would help prove whether the shoe delivers as promised, and here’s what I can tell you.

What I Like

I feel inclined to mention that this is a great shoe for budget shoppers. The minimum price on this shoe is quite literally half the base price on most athletic shoes. Not everyone likes to spend obscene amounts of money on shoes every once in a while, and this shoe certainly takes care of this concern. Furthermore, given the numerous features on the shoe and its general quality, you will be getting quite a bargain by purchasing this cross-training shoe.

The shoe also impressed me with its effective anti-chafing feature. In cross-training, lots of repetitive movements are involved, which means that the odds of your skin getting irritated are pretty high. Many training shoes have a collar and an interior that can get you limping and bleeding by the time your workout is done. I have certainly had this unpleasant experience, and it is certainly demoralizing to be out of commission for a couple of days just because you wore the wrong shoe to your workout. The Phantom Liner feature clearly does its job, and if you are to have any complains about the shoe, it most likely won’t be for a thoughtlessly designed interior.

What I Didn’t Like

The quality of this cross-training shoe is a slip from the standards established by the previous models. Its 623 predecessors were more sturdily built, and more suited to the uniquely strenuous demands of intensive cross-training workouts. The thing is, this shoe is certainly suited to cross-training, it just won’t go as far as its siblings did if you have had the privilege of owning this particular model in the past. In comparison to previous models, this version of the shoe is also sized differently, and that means you have to order a slightly larger size for a comfortable fit.


I sometimes like to look at some affordable training shoes, and New Balance Men’s MX623v2 cross-training shoes certainly fit the bill. Their prominent benefits make me think I should get a pair very soon.