Register Your MAPCO Rewards Card Online

MAPCO My Rewards Program provides customers with many benefits. What’s more, you can pinpoint the prizes that most matter to you: gas discount, free in-store items or bounty cards. Register your card online is very effortless and convenient.

Register MAPCO Rewards Card Instructions
Though you are not required to register your MAPCO My Rewards card, you are strongly recommended to register online because some extra benefits are sensational to registered customers only. You can love the following benefits, if you become a registered member of MAPCO My Rewards Program.

  • 3¢ off every gallon
  • Accumulate points on each purchase redeemable for extra discount on fuel or free merchandise in the store
  • Rewards, clubs, giveaways and surprises

How to Register Your MAPCO Rewards Card Online

  1. You can visit any MAPCO participating store location and ask assistant to get card. It is simple, effortless and convenient.
  2. Visit www.mapcorewards.com to register your card.
  3. If you are a fresh customer, please hit “REGISTER NOW” button at the homepage to register. If you are a returning customer, please cram in your Card ID, email address or phone number and 4-digit PIN.
  4. New customers need to input your individual information including your name, address, Zip code, email address, phone number and more. Then create a PIN number.
  5. Follow the instructions to finish the registration progress.
  6. Once you have registered your card, you can update your individual information by logging into your account and edit your profile.

Please note that points earned on a MAPCO My Rewards Membership Card will expire after 9 months of account inactivity. If you have any questions about MAPCO My Rewards card or how to register your card, please refer to FAQs in

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