Receive Child Support and Unemployment Benefits With EPPICard

The Child Support and Unemployment Benefits Programs launched by some state governments are rather praiseworthy while the process of payments reception is notoriously complicated. Now, the problem has been solved. With the EPPICard, you can access the fund instantaneously it is loaded. Better yet, managing your money online like paying bills and viewing balances as well as transactions is also available.

Receive the Child Support and Unemployment Benefits With EPPICard 
EPPICard is used to pay for child support, unemployment and welfare benefits by some state governments in America. If you are an eligible recipient, you will be accessible to child care assistance, state employee paychecks, medical aid, food stamps and more, which varies from state to state. You can receive the benefits via your EPPICard then withdraw money from ATMs, make purchases at the retail stores or get your cash back with the purchases or from banks.

If you create an online account, things seem lighter and more convenient. You can lightly and quickly pay your bills, check you balance as well as transactions, edit your account profile and even request another card if your current one is lost or stolen. So, take a few minutes to sign up or log in to manage all in one place.

  1. Enter www.eppicard.com and select the state you reside in from the drop-down list in the top left corner of the homepage. If you are an eligible resident and don’t have a card but want one, contact the worried state department and the card will be sent to you within 10 days. Please note that get your card activated thru the automated voice response system before using it.
  2. Input your User ID number and click the button marked “Login” to access all the benefits and services. If you are a fresh user, open the “New User?” link to register.
  3. Follow the instructions and provide the required information to accomplish the registration.
  4. At each page, you are accessible to vast useful materials and information such as program materials, ATM locators, contact information and more. Be sure to cautiously view the resources given to avoid some fees charged sans your knowing it.

About EPPICard
EPPICard is a kind of prepaid card used to pay for child support, unemployment and welfare benefits by most of state governments in the United States. The fund are directly loaded onto the card and eligible citizens can access the money instantaneously it is loaded.

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