Quirks of the deceased Rockefeller: insect collection and Breakfast at 8.12 am

Monday at his home in Pocantico hills died the old world billionaire David Rockefeller. Even a person far from the economy, name this dynasty was an unhealthy gleam in his eyes. And indeed, the grandfather of the deceased became the first ever dollar billionaire. Wealth was accompanied by the family. David Rockefeller himself, despite the condition in the home was a modest person, but not without weirdness. For example, it is called an avid collector of insects. They say that in the trip he always took a jar to svezheudalennyh beetles and dragonflies.

The heart of David Rockefeller has stopped beating at the 102nd year of life. But before that motor he transplanted six times.

photo: AP

How in everyday life was one of the most famous rich men of our time, “MK” said the businessman and philanthropist Felix Komarov, which is the only Russian member of the “Rockefeller club.” Personal acquaintance with Komarov billionaire happened over Breakfast on the last floor of a skyscraper “Rockefeller center”, where the rich man invited the businessman from Russia.

Appointment he prescribed me 8 hours and 12 minutes in the morning – began Felix Romanovich. – Warned that you can not be late even for a minute. I didn’t dare to ask why you selected such a strange time, But I think before that David Rockefeller was an important phone call. So far was Breakfast to him all the time ran the assistant and reported on some phone calls. I want to note that at the time, Rockefeller was already 80 years old.

Despite the early hour, met a millionaire Russian guest in costume.

– It was a very modest, but well-seated in this “Troika”. The only thing I caught my eye is rubbed to Shine like new shoes.

– David Rockefeller was impressed by the rich?

– No. If I said that in front of me, for example, the Director of the medical center, I would believe. It was at the highest level, but without arrogance. The table was set with expensive China, a maintenance — only a few people.

– Can you remember what was on the table?

– Of course I remember, and I think I’ll always remember. The drinks were three kinds of juice: orange, grapefruit and cucumber. Plus white wine. There were several types of cereal, scrambled eggs, eggs Benedict (a popular dish in the USA, in fact a sandwich with poached eggs and bacon – “MK”), toast. From the “heavy snacks” was presented only slices of salted salmon. Despite a solid selection, David ate something like a Herculean porridge on the water. Apparently, these were the recommendations of doctors. But I was struck by how this man in the food was unpretentious.

Felix Komarov recalls that according to regulations the Breakfast was supposed to last no more than 7-8 minutes. But instead, the interlocutors spoke more than forty.

– About what spoke? He asked a lot of questions. I have to say, I was uneasy, because it was not a superficial replica. These were questions that would require immersion in the topic. He asked about oil, about Siberia, the Urals.

You got the impression that he knows a lot about Russia?

– Unlike many high-ranking Americans, it made on me the impression of a man of wide horizons. The questions he asked me, point to the fact that he knows our country. For example, asked what Ural — just the border of Europe and Asia, or the mountain range that divides Russia as it would be in two countries? I replied that Ural for us — it is the spine. Response Rockefeller appreciated.

– He didn’t share his impressions about our country, where there was a few times?

– No, nothing about it said. But I didn’t ask.

You probably know that David Rockefeller was not even in the top 500 richest people in the world. Published in the day of his death Forbes annual ranking of billionaires 581 deceased took place. When you do this, ask any person to name the wealthiest people in the world — and the name Rockefeller is sure to be in this list. He said something about his money?

– Its not, but asked me about my condition. I named specific figures and said that they should not enter even in the top million rich people of the planet. But he said the amount of money that I possess, it does not matter. Of course, to take me to one of the most elite clubs in the world, he had to know that I have a soul. “But your money is not a priority for me. I want to know who you are”.

– It is said that Rockefeller was a collector of insects, possessed the richest collection of 40 thousand copies. Maybe I can make a few more touches to the portrait of this controversial man?

– It was a calm, unhurried man, very attentive. What should be a grown billionaire. As for the interesting details of the biography, you know that the Rockefeller Foundation, founded by the grandfather of David, took care of all the members of his legendary family. Even quite distant relatives of the Rockefellers get a life certain annuity, I think somewhere in the 8-10 thousand dollars, which allow not to worry about a piece of bread and at the same time not to dive in all serious. And it’s not five or ten people, I think, the account goes on hundreds. In General, David Rockefeller was a well-known philanthropist, his money was built the largest in the US hospital for cancer patients, he created a network of shelters.

And in 2008 he donated to Harvard University, in which previously studied $ 100 million. By the way, on the day of his death the Rockefeller was estimated at $ 3.3 billion.