Pyongyang has threatened Australia with a nuclear strike “strategic forces”

Sydney, Australia

Photo: Zuma / Global Look Press

The North Korean foreign Ministry suggested that Australia “to think twice about the consequences,” before “blindly follow” policy of the United States. Pyongyang has warned that it is ready to launch a nuclear strike of strategic forces if Australia will continue to support the US policy

North Korea’s foreign Ministry warned Australia about the serious responsibility, in that case, if the country will continue to “blindly follow” policy of the United States. As reports ABC News, the statement North Korean foreign Ministry was a response to an interview of the foreign Minister of Australia Julia Bishop, in which she told about the threat weapons program of the DPRK for Australia.

“If Australia will continue to support US in attempts to isolate and stifle the DPRK, it will be for her suicide step into range nuclear strike of the strategic forces of the DPRK,” the ABC News quoted the words of the representative of the foreign Ministry of North Korea, the Central news Agency of the country.

Pyongyang also urged Australia “to think twice about the consequences,” which would entail “reckless” statements in the hope of “flattered US”.

Threats were made after Vice-President Mike Pence arrived in Australia on a visit, during which Julie Bishop has called North Korea a threat to her country and the entire Asia-Pacific region. “North Korea is a huge threat for neighbors, and if not contained, and for the wider region, including Australia,” said Bishop. In addition, she has advised Pyongyang to spend money not on creation of weapons of mass destruction, and “to improve the welfare of its suffering people.”

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Vice-President Mike Pence at the meeting with the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull said that Washington considers it possible to achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula with China. According to Pence, the States is working with Australia, Japan and South Korea on this issue. “The United States is committed to continued economic and diplomatic pressure, working with our allies and China to ensure the denuclearization of the Peninsula”, — said the Vice-President of the United States.

After a failed rocket launch and threats of new nuclear test, the U.S. sent to the coast of Korea carrier strike group, which includes nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson. On 23 April it was reported that it commenced a joint with the Japanese fleet exercises off the coast of the Korean Peninsula. The aim of the exercise is putting pressure on North Korea in the context of the ongoing testing of ballistic missiles of the DPRK. In addition, the American and Japanese sailors had to earn my cooperation. Maneuvers, participation in which will accept two Japanese destroyer Ashigara and Samidare, will last from three to five days.

Earlier, on 20 April, the official newspaper of the workers ‘ party of the DPRK “Rodong Sinmun” threatened the United States “powerful pre-emptive strike” after the Secretary of state’s Rex Tillerson that Washington is looking for a way to increase pressure on North Korea to force it to dismantle its nuclear program. “If we put our powerful pre-emptive strike, he completely and immediately destroy not only the American imperialist forces invaded South Korea, and the surrounding area, but also the US mainland, erasing it in the ashes,” — stated in the material of the newspaper.