Plan Your Finance for Your Retirement, Unemployment & Health Condition

An authoritative research has shown that credit card is the major mode of payment. In some credit -card-intensive countries, each person wields an average of 2.4 credit cards. Most people today are too dependent on credit cards. However the instant material satisfaction makes people think less about unpredictable emergencies for example unemployment and diseases, or even some fine events that undoubtedly will happen afterward in their lives, such as retirement.

“I don’t fairly worry about my retirement” said Jimmy Kennedy, “pension I acquire will support my late life”. Is it so optimistic that no one need to worry about their future life? The truth is as the inflation rate gets higher, your pension may only enable you to survive; if you want to live better, make up yourself elegantly, and travel regularly, you need a stronger financial support. Thus, you need to make earlier prep for your individual finance.

Investments in Insurance Products

  • Health: Everybody perceives upset if he or she found a bill from the hospital in the inbox, so investment in health condition and medical care should come in the very first place. The Bank of America provides customers the HSA plan which will help you treat the medical expenses no matter you are register as an individual or as a group with other employees in your company.
  • Unemployment: For those who are seeking jobs actively due to the passive unemployment status, Maryland Unemployment Insurance will provide makeshift financial assistance. Applicants should have worked  in Maryland for 1 – 1.5 year. After application for the Maryland Unemployment Insurance, you will get a debit card issued by Citi Bank to receive your insurance financial assistance.
  • Other Insurance Products: Except for medical expenses and unemployment assistance, you can also find more insurance such as life insurance provided by J

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