People Cleaning House Sweepstakes

 Does $ 1 million award sounds incredible? Yes, that’s the prize PCH.com provides to its visitors. All entries to the site have the same chance of winning daily cash prizes, amazing sweepstakes, online games, and arousing offers. You don’t have to buy anything to enter. Just go after the instructions in the Official Rules to log in to win!

 People Cleaning House Sweepstakes Instructions
The latest sweepstakes event is JUNE 30th Mega Prize Event. All June 30th Special Early Look online Bulletins during the timeframe of 4/22/13 thru 6/24/13 will be given valid Mega Prize Numbers that are eligible to win $1,000,000.00 Cash plus $5,000.00 on June 30, 2013. All you need to do to participate in the winner selection process is to inject by the deadline.

In order to join the events, you need to login first. Just submit the Official Entry Registration form by the deadline. The information you should come in includes your title, name, street address, state, zip code, date of birth and email address. Remember to tick in the box indicating “I’d like to be informed about chances to win prizes instantly from PCH Search&Win” and “I’d like to be informed of special contests and offers from pch.com”.

About PCH
Headquartered in scenic Port Washington, NY, where it was founded by the Mertz family in 1953, Publishers Clearing House (PCH) offers discounted magazine subscriptions and household merchandise to consumers with the chance to come in one of its many ongoing sweepstakes. Free online games and other have fun and win entertainment, with sites that include PCHSearchandWin, PCHLotto, PCHGames and more.

Go to www.pch.com to join sweepstakes events and win cash prizes!

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