The health Ministry has proposed to restrict all forms of advertising of fast food and soda

The Ministry of health finalized the strategy for formation of healthy lifestyle of the population by 2025. A revised draft contains a proposal to limit all forms of advertising of carbonated beverages, chips, fast food, chocolate bars and sausages.


The Ministry of health of Russia has found a way to protect children from products with a high content of energy, saturated fat, TRANS fat, sugar or salt. The Agency proposed to limit the country’s all types of advertising of junk food, sweets and soda. This initiative contained in the strategy for formation of healthy lifestyle of the population by 2025. Previously, the strategy was proposed to limit such advertising in duration and time display only in the TV format. However, a modified version of the strategy involves the restriction of all forms of advertising of these products. This argues Agency video News Service, in the disposal of which was a modified version of the document.

In the case of adoption of the initiative, under the restrictions of the fall advertising of carbonated beverages, chips, fast food, chocolate bars and sausages. According to the Ministry of health, for the most part these products are aimed at children.

In the U.S. Congress announced a new project trump to replace Obamacare

Donald Trump

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The President of the United States Donald trump is preparing a new bill on health that will be adopted is in force under the previous administration of the program Obamacare. The Congress noted that the voting could take place in early may

During the first week of may in the us Congress can take a vote on a new version of the bill on health care that should come in the replacement program of former President Barack Obama’s Obamacare. This was stated by one of the key congressmen of the Republican party Dave brat, according to Bloomberg.

“I think the chances are very good,” he said.

The MP said that the majority will vote for the project if the introduction of the document the White house will consider all arrangements with party conservatives. Details of the project he did not disclose.

In late March President Donald trump withdrew from Congress a bill to replace Obamacare, which was presented on 7 March. According to the speaker of the house Paul Ryan, March 24 legislators “were very close [to making a new bill], but it has not given results”, because during the debate on this reform, the parties were unable to reach consensus and to gain the necessary 216 votes.

Commenting on the bill, trump noted that Republicans currently they focus their efforts on tax reform and the Obamacare program released “going my way, albeit briefly”.

A sore subject: why the U.S. Congress decided to repeal Obamacare

The first version of the bill, which was made to withdraw from consideration in Congress, called for the preservation of the key provisions of Obamacare, such as insurance parents and children to 26 years and the prohibition of insurance companies to set higher rates for people with serious health problems.

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The results of the November US presidential election surprised many who predicted the victory of Hillary Clinton. Donald trump became President largely due to the fact that many States, historically.

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Obamacare — health programme, which was held by former US President Barak Obama, with the support of the democratic Congress in 2010. It regulates the process of buying insurance for US citizens, obliges the company to insure its employees, but also puts forward a number of requirements for insurers themselves. This law has been repeatedly criticized Donald trump during his election campaign.

After the order of Bastrykin, the investigators filed a case to block the ambulance driver

Appeared on Saturday in the online video where the driver of the SUV “Mercedes” blocks the passage of the children’s ambulance, caused a wide resonance. On this fact the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case. The corresponding order the head of GSU SKR across Moscow has previously given to the head of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

A criminal case on the fact of blocking the passage of cars children’s ambulance in Moscow made the capital investigators. This is stated in the message published on the website of the GSM TFR in Moscow.

“A criminal case in connection with the obstruction of car travel “pediatric emergency”, — stated in the message.

Earlier it was reported that the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin has instructed the chief of a capital Central Board “to initiate a criminal case on this fact, to install, to detain and to give a principled legal assessment of the actions of a grief-the driver.” The corresponding order of the Minister made after the occurrence and spread of online video, which depicts the incident involving the ambulance and the SUV “Mercedes”. Video shot by the Registrar, established in the carriage of an emergency.

At the beginning of the video, the SUV is not giving way to physicians and squeezes through the narrow passage directly in front of them. Then Mercedes starts moving with very low speed. In the end, the car stops in the middle of the roadway. The driver of “Mercedes” for a while out of the car and enters into a verbal argument with the ambulance driver. Thus the man pays no attention to the comments of passers-by and to the words of the physicians that they rush to a call. The medical vehicle moved with the included spetssignalami and siren, which caused irritation of the driver of the SUV.


Immediately after the release of videos of investigators organized a preliminary examination, reported the press service of the GSM TFR in Moscow.

Also on Saturday, the press service of the Ministry reported two criminal proceedings initiated after the attack on the ambulance staff in Moscow and in Leningrad region. In both cases, which occurred on 22 April, health workers were attacked by drunken citizens, who arrived on-call doctors tried to provide medical assistance. 35-year-old Muscovite has attacked the emergency workers and began to throw them pieces of furniture. In Leningrad region the drunk woman repeatedly kicked on the back of a paramedic, who arrived on a call in the midst of which took place at the feast.

The UN Secretary General said “very distant” end of the war in Syria

António Guterres

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The war in Syria

Russia has presented evidence of the staging of himataki in Syria
20 APR, 01:05

Tillerson did not support the idea of Lavrov on joint investigation himataki
13 APR, 12:39

51 material

UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres, believes that the end of the Syrian crisis is still “very far”. He reiterated the need for a speedy political settlement of the conflict

The Syrian crisis, which raises the level of security threats around the world, no end of, said in an interview with Bloomberg, which was held in the building of the International monetary Fund in Washington, the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), antónio Guterres.

“We are very far to the end”, — said the Secretary General of the international organization, commenting on the situation in Syria.

According to him, requires a political settlement of the conflict and the cessation of civil war, which creates instability and increases the risk of the terrorist threat.

“This threatens the lives of all of us, absolutely everywhere,” — said Guterres.

Lately in Syria has escalated to an armed conflict. It happened once at the beginning of April was the use of chemical weapons in Idlib province. According to the autopsy of victims of the attack, which was held by Turkish authorities against the Syrian population was used a chemical warfare agent (CWA) nerve agents sarin. In total, the attack killed about a hundred people, more than 500 were poisoned.

USA, Western countries, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey, was blamed for the attack on the government army Bashar al-Assad, who is also accused of using chemical weapons. Damascus, in turn. this denies the accusation.

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A few days later, on April 7, U.S. Navy warships launched a missile attack on the Syrian air base of the Shirt, which, according to Washington, flew the planes, dropped the bombs with chemical warheads. In Moscow said about unproven charges against the Assad regime and called for the investigation of the incident.

In connection with the attack in Idlib France, Britain and the United States have prepared a draft resolution of the UN security Council on this incident. The countries demanded an international investigation plans the flights of the Syrian aviation and recordings that were made on the day of the attack, including the names of the commanders of the crews, flying. Russia used its right of veto and blocked the adoption of the resolution.

Chemical weapons in Syria

The production of chemical agents in Syria according to non-governmental organizations and the CIA, began in 1970-1980, with the participation of French organizations and experts.

The provision for the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria was made after September 16, 2013 was published the report of the UN experts about the use of chemical weapons on 21 August 2013 in ghouta (Damascus suburb).

September 28, 2013 was unanimously adopted Security Council Resolution 2118 of the UN on the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons. Original pickup date was defined as 31 December 2013. The term of the transportation less hazardous chemicals was set for 4 February. In fact, these terms have not been met.

14 Oct 2013 Syria acceded to the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons, banning the production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons.

In October 2013, under the supervision of experts of the United Nations and the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has begun destroying Syrian chemical weapons.

In February 2014 the Syrian authorities provided the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons plan, according to which the removal of all toxic substances from the country was due to expire on 27 April 2014.

In April 2014, the head of the joint mission of the UN and the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons Sigrid Kaag said that 92.5 percent of Syrian chemical weapons destroyed or removed. On the removal of the last batch announced on 23 June 2014.

4 January 2016 in its report, the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons said that all of the chemicals removed from Syria in 2014, destroyed. However, it was reported that the organization is still unable to access some former production facilities of Syrian chemical weapons.

In December 2016, the Syrian authorities reported the transfer of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons evidence on the use of chemical weapons by militants.


In Paris, police gas dispersed the demonstrators on the eve of elections

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In Paris the day before the first round of voting in the presidential election was a demonstration of trade unions and student unions, which expressed disagreement with the proposals of the candidates. The police used to disperse them with tear gas

Law enforcement officers used tear gas to disperse demonstrators who took to the streets of Paris on Saturday, April 22, with protest slogans on the eve of the first round of voting in the presidential election. This writes the French magazine Valeurs.

About 2 thousand people gathered on a Central square of Paris — from the Republic square and headed through the streets to the place de La Bastille. The event was organized by several trade unions and student organizations. In a press release, organizers called on supporters to generate power, which will lead to social changes in the country, the “first social revolution”.

Later, clashes broke out between demonstrators and police. Some of the participants of the protest actions began to throw in law enforcement smoke bombs and bottles. The police decided to disperse out on the street with tear gas.

Publishing Public Senat clarifies that one police officer was wounded in clashes with the protesters.

Photo: Vincent Kessler / Reuters

The demonstration occurred the day before the start of the first round of presidential elections, scheduled for Sunday, April 23. Only participate in elections 11 candidates. The highest ratings the five of them — the leader of the far-right party “national front” marine Le Pen, conservative Francois Fillon of “Republicans,” the former economy Minister and founder of the movement “Forward” Emmanuel macron, the main candidate of ultra-strength Jean-Luc Mélenchon, former Minister of education and the candidate of the ruling Socialist party, Benoit Hamon.

France elects a President: the main candidates. Video

In the first round will determine the two candidates who will compete in the second round (on may 7) and will continue to fight for the post of President, who will lead the country over the next five years.

Chelsea for the 12th time came in the FA Cup final

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The captain of “Chelsea” will change club at the end of the season
17 APR, 20:52

The Chelsea’s goalkeeper is injured on the set of advertising
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“Manchester United” caused Chelsea a fifth defeat of the season
16 APR, 19:59

Chelsea in the semi-finals of the FA Cup at Wembley stadium beat Tottenham with the score 4:2. In the final match of the London club will play against the winner of the match, “Arsenal” and “Manchester city”

The first semi-final of the FA Cup ended with the victory of Chelsea over Tottenham with the score 4:2. For the team of Antonio Conte’s upcoming finale will be the 12th in history. More often in crucial matches, the oldest club tournament in the world played only “Manchester United” (19 times), Arsenal (19), Liverpool (14), Newcastle (13) and Everton (13).

Chelsea scored Tottenham four goals, having put five shots on goal. The team for the seventh time since 2000, reached the final of the FA Cup. In the twenty-first century, this is the best result. While Tottenham have set a record in the tournament, losing in the semi-finals for the seventh time in a row.

The scoring in the fifth minute scored Brazilian midfielder “Chelsea” Willian, distinguished from the free-kick. On 18 minutes, Harry Kane scored the second goal, the back of his head sending the ball into the goal Thibaut Courtois after a pass Christian Eriksen. Before the break, Willian again has deduced “Chelsea” forward, having realized a penalty.

Early in the second half, the score after yet another assist Eriksen levelled the Matter, alli. At the end of the meeting of long-range strikes scored by midfielder “Chelsea” Eden hazard and Nemanja MATIC. The Serb scored for the London club for the first time since may 7, 2016, placing the ball into the top corner bounced off the crossbar.

Goal Nemanja matić in Tottenham Video: Chelseafc News

In the final Chelsea will play the winner of the match, “Arsenal” and “Manchester city”. The second semi-final as the first, will be held at Wembley.

The FA Cup. The semi-finals

Chelsea — Tottenham 4:2

Goals: Willian, 5, 43 (penalty), Azar, 75, MATIC, 80 — Kane, 18, Allie, 52

Captain “Locomotive” dropped out before the end of the season due to injury

Photo: Official website of “Locomotive”

Croatian defender of the Moscow “Locomotive” Vedran Corluka tore his Achilles tendon and was ruled out until the end of the season

The captain of “Locomotive” Vedran Corluka in the home match of 24-th round of the championship of Russia against Perm “Amkar” (3:3) tore his Achilles tendon. “I tore my Achilles” — quoted the captain of the team “Sport-Express”. According to the official Twitter of “Locomotive”, the player will be out before the end of the season.

In a match with “amkarom” Yury Semin’s command has conceded in the 22nd minute after hitting Croatian striker Marko Bodul guests, but to the beginning of the second half was leading 3:1. Distinguished Alexey miranchuk, Dmitry Tarasov and Manuel Fernandes (penalty). To the end of the meeting, the team snatched a draw. On 61 minutes, bodul of Odense BK scored twice, having realized a penalty and on 88-th goal was scored by substitute Stanislav Prokofiev.

Lokomotiv scored 35 points, falling to sixth place in the standings. After a draw with “Amkar” Moscow club missed out on fifth place “Rostov”, the house defeated the “Spartak”.

Corluka moved to the “locomotive” in the summer of 2012 from London Tottenham for €7 million. he has also Previously played for Croatian clubs “Dynamo” and “inter”, English “Manchester city” and German “Bayer”.

In the “Locomotive” defender became the bronze medalist of the championship of Russia and won the Cup. Just for the Moscow club he spent 138 meetings, scoring in all competitions with seven goals and making eight assists. Before the start of last season Corluka was appointed captain of “Locomotive”.

For Croatia Corluka is from 2006. In the national team he played 95 games and scored four goals. For Euro 2016 took the field in all four matches of the national team of Croatia against Turkey (1:0), Czech Republic (2:2), Spain (2:1) and Portugal (0:1). After the defeat of the Portuguese in extra time in the 1/8 finals the team was relegated from the championship.

Decided the first rival Maria Sharapova after suspension

Italian tennis player Roberta Vinci.

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Agent Sharapova responded to the calls not to invite the player for Wimbledon

Sharapova responded to the criticism of other players before returning to the court
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The owner of the tournament in Madrid was reluctant to invite Maria Sharapova
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In the first match after a 15-month disqualification for the use of Meldonium Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova will play with a 35-th racket of the world Roberta Vinci from Italy

In the first round of the Stuttgart tournament, Maria Sharapova will play with a 35-th racket of the world Italian Roberta Vinci. These are the results held on Saturday Sarabuki. The match between Sharapova and Vinci, who will become the next first after a 15-month disqualification for the use of Meldonium, will be held on Wednesday, April 26.

Vinci, the winner of ten WTA tournaments. Six titles she won on clay, which will be held competitions in Stuttgart. “Roland Garros,” Vinci never beyond the fourth round is not reached. Her highest achievement in the tournament “Grand slam” final of the US Open in 2015 in which she lost to her compatriot Flavia Pennetta.

In the second round the winner of the match between Sharapova and Vinci will play either Russian, Ekaterina Makaroa, or with the eighth racket of the world Agnieszka Radwanska from Poland. Earlier, Sharapova is the Ambassador the main sponsor of the tournament in Stuttgart have won three Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Radwanska on the eve urged the organizers of the tournament “Grand slam” to give Sharapova a special invitation (wild card). She believes that she needs to break in these tournaments yourself

Ranking Sharapova does not allow her to get into the main draw of the next tournament series “Grand slam” — the Open championship of France and Wimbledon. According to Radwanska, Sharapova to qualify for these tournaments you must score points to less prestigious competitions. The organizers of the “Roland Garros” and Wimbledon are not supposed to give Sharapova a wild card.

In response to this statement Maria Sharapova agent Max Eisenbud called Radwanska tennis player of average level. According to him, the pole can expect to win on “Rolan Garros” and Wimbledon, only if in these tournaments will not play Sharapova, Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka and Petra Kvitova.

After the tournament in Stuttgart, Sharapova will play at the prestigious event in Madrid and Rome, which will be held in may 2017. The organizers starting may 28, “Roland Garros” will announce a decision regarding the participation of the Russians on may 15.

In early March of 2016, the Russian at a specially convened press conference, said that in her doping sample taken during the Australian Open in January 2016, was discovered Meldonium. From 1 January 2016 this medication belongs to banned by the world anti-doping Agency (WADA). All responsibility Sharapova took over, saying that he did not know about the prohibition of the drug, which is nearly ten years took on the advice of a family doctor.

After the decision on the disqualification Sharapova appealed to the CAS, demanding to reduce the sentence. The Russian has not appeared in court since late January 2016 after losing to American Serena Williams in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open. In October 2016 it was expelled from the WTA rankings.

Sharapova became the first and only Russian tennis player who won all the tournaments of “Grand slam” in career. She twice won the “Roland Garros” and once won the championship at the US Open, Wimbledon and the Australian Open. In 2012, Sharapova won the silver medal at the summer Olympics in London, and in 2004 won the WTA Championships.

Zenit reported on the demolition of the VIP boxes in the new stadium

Photo: the Official website of “Zenith”

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In the first match of Zenit at the new stadium removed the three players “Ural”

Media reported on the demolition of the VIP boxes in the “Zenit-Arena” on demand “Gazprom”
21 APR, 23:20

Mutko has promised a great lawn for the “Zenit Arena” to the confederations Cup
19 APR, 21:00

“Zenith” has denied the information on the demolition of the VIP boxes in the new stadium club at the request of Gazprom, on the eve rasprostranennoe Russian media

On the official page of “Zenit” in Instagram appeared a denial of the demolition of the VIP boxes in the new stadium of the club. On the eve of “Fontanka” reported that the top management of the Corporation “Gazprom” has bought VIP boxes, arranged at the stadium “Central”.

According to the newspaper, all belonging to the Lodge buildings, which did not accept the leadership of “Gazprom”, were to be demolished. It was about the presidential Lodge, 36 the VIP-zone, and a zone intended for football teams. All of the demolition and new construction, according to “Fontanka”, will be conducted at the expense of “Gazprom”. To perform the work will be the main contractor, the company “Metrostroy”.

“We publish a photo of the presidential lodges for those who write all sorts of nonsense about the demolition of the lies and repair them by the transport authority. Reiterate that the club has repaired all 36 VIP boxes in accordance with our obligations to the sponsors”, — stated in the message of “Zenit”.

On Saturday, April 22, “Zenit” held at its new stadium, the first match within the 24th round of the championship of Russia beat Yekaterinburg “Ural” with the score 2:0. Goals in the second half, scored by Branislav Ivanovic and Yohan Mollo. During the match referee Alexei Eskov showed a red card to three players at the hotel. Each of these deletions was challenged by “Ural”.

The new arena “Zenith” two current match of the Russian championship against FC Terek Grozny (may 7) and “Krasnodar” (may 17). According to the rules before the matches of the confederations Cup at the stadium should be game of the national championship. In the framework of the confederations Cup at the arena in St. Petersburg must pass the matches of the group stage Russia — New Zealand, New Zealand — Portugal, Cameroon — Australia, as well as the final match.

In Armenian Gyumri killed the Russian contractor

Gyumri. The 102nd Russian military base

Photo: Mr Prizemlin / Lori

In the Armenian city of Gyumri, Russian serviceman was killed. He was stabbed near the military base

As reported “Interfax” with reference to the southern military district of Russia, the attempt on the life of a military contractor in Gyumri was made on the evening of April 22, near the Russian 102nd military base. As a result of stab wounds of the soldiers died on the spot.

Military indicate that in fact the incident was initiated the investigation of the command staff of the military district in conjunction with local law enforcement. According to preliminary data, the murder was committed on domestic violence.

Murder suspect arrested by Armenian police.

As reports the edition “news of Armenia” with reference to the Prosecutor of Shirak region of Armenia Karen Gabrielyan, the deceased Respondent was 21 years. His name is Dmitry Alaev.

Law enforcers opened a criminal case under article 104 of the Criminal code (“murder”).