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On PA official unemployment website, you can not only read the latest unemployment extension benefits update, but also PA unemployment insurance benefits eligibility and benefits calculation.

www.uc.pa.gov Introductions
More than that, www.uc.pa.gov is also available for eligibility appeals, biweekly claims, online claims filing, payment, taxes on benefits, federal programs and other services. You also find the useful links file an initial claim, reopen a claim, file a biweekly claim and check claim status at PA Unemployment Website.

PA Unemployment FAQ:

  • Am I eligible for Unemployment Compensation?

Firstly, you need to earn enough money during your “base year”(the first-ever four quarters of the last five concluded quarters at the time your claim is filed). Secondly, you are out of job but not because of your fault. Finally, you must be able and ready to come back to work.

  • How much will I receive in benefits?

You will be paid about half of what your full-time wage was before you became unemployed. The amount you’re paid is your weekly benefit rate. Your weekly benefit rate is calculated based on what you earned during your base year. Visit www.uc.pa.gov to have more information about PA Unemployment.

PA Unemployment

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