PA Unemployment Benefits Calculator

PA Unemployment Benefits Calculator is to help unemployment insurance claimants to be clear about your weekly benefit rate. Not as New Jersey Unemployment Benefits Calculator, which provides online calculation, PA Unemployment Benefits Calculator uses charts to calculate how much you can get from unemployment benefits.

Generally speaking your weekly benefit rate is based on two factors: wages you were paid in your base year and enough total wages in the base year. The quarter in which you were paid the most money in your base year is your “High Quarter”. The amount of qualifying wages needed is determined by the amount of wages in the High Quarter. For example, if your High Quarter was $10,000, you must have at least $16,000 total qualifying wages in the base year. Together it will determine whether you are eligible for the PA unemployment insurance benefits and your Weekly Benefit Rate. That is the principle how PA Unemployment Benefits Calculator works.

PA Department of Labor and Industry lists comprehensive data about how to calculate you

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