Organized the murder of 12-year-old sister Moskvich received 16 years in prison

Moscow court passed a sentence on a sensational case about murder of 12-year-old resident of the capital who dealt with the minor by the order of her older brother. And the customer had intended to kill parents, to take possession of all property of the family.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

The loud crime has occurred in March 2016. Juvenile killer arrived at an apartment on Belorechenskaya street and waited for the return of 12-year-old girl. He stabbed her multiple stab wounds from which she died.

At this point, the assassin heard the sound of a passing car with the included spetssignalami, became frightened and ran away, becoming not wait for the parents of the victim.

The investigation revealed that the murder was organized by the son of the owners of the apartment who wanted to get rid of the family and seize all their property.

The killer, a juvenile resident of the Pskov region, 19-year-old man found in the Internet, promised to the contractor as remuneration a one-room apartment in Moscow.

The experts recognized both sane. The killer, with the minority at the time of the crime, has received 9,5 years of a colony, then as a customer will spend in jail for much longer — 16 years, reports TASS.