Order Audiobooks Online Easily

Here is a fresh way to read books. The audiobook is a totally fresh method to broaden horizon and enrich knowledge. In addition to the advantages of traditional books, audiobooks permit you listen to them anywhere. With the attractive sound and fascinating plots, you will be nicer informed and more thoughtfully entertained.

Order Audiobooks Online Easily Instructions
Audible.com is an internet provider of spoken audio entertainment, information and educational programming. All the books at Audible.com are read by Hollywood’s finest, pro narrators and authors too. Download audiobooks online is very easy.

  1. Click on the “Sign in” button on the top right.
  2. Sign in using your Amazon account. If you already have one, please come in your email address and password. If you do not have, inject your email address and click on “CONTINUE”.
  3. Please cram in your name, phone number and create a password. Then you have concluded the registration process.
  4. Browse the site and choose the book you want to listen to. You can search books by coming in the book title into the search box or search by categories.
  5. You have two ways to get the audibook you are interested. First, join the Audible.com and become a membership. As a member of Audible.com, you can love many benefits such as first-ever book free with 30-day trial; 14.95/month thereafter for your choice of 1 fresh book each month; exchange books you don’t like and more. Second, you can buy the book directly with the non-member price which is much more expensive than membership price.

Listen with the free Audible app on your smartphone or tablet or on your iPod or computer, and you can love audiobooks anywhere. Audible apps for mobile phones are waiting for your exploration.

www.audible.com is the right place to download audiobooks and please do not miss it. Download two free audiobooks at Audible.com is also available now.

About Audible.com
Audible, Inc., a subsidiary of Amazon, is a fifteen-year-old company with an bearing startup vibe, where developers, writers, marketers, and publishers collaborate in an expansive loft-space environment to promote digital enlightenment. They’re the premier provider of digital audiobooks and related works—from spoken word and comedy to audio editions of magazine articles and newspapers. Their employees come from across the Tri-State, including Brooklyn, Hoboken, Westchester, and the Shore.

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