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Talking about online unemployment resources, you can not omit www.unemployment.com, which offers unemployment application tips, job search and unemployment office information.

Unemployment Introduction:
An unemployment report from the U.S. Conference of Mayors indicates that the nation’s jobless rates will very likely remain high for a few years to come.

The report said that while it is likely that the traditional manufacturing centers in the Midwest will proceed to be saddled with high jobless rates for the next five years or more, other areas of the country might begin to see their rates fall a bit below 5 percent within the next year. According to the report, the Mid-Atlantic States, including the nation’s capital, could regain an unemployment rate of 4.3% within the next three years. The report also estimated that some specific urban areas like Boulder, Colorado, and Honolulu, Hawaii will very likely still suffer along with slightly higher jobless rates that treatment 5%. Across the entire country, there were only eight metropolitan urban areas that experienced any significant growth last year.

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