Oklahoma Unemployment Benefits Application Online

On Oklahoma Employment Security Commission official website, you can file your Oklahoma unemployment claim, file your weekly claim, file EUC Tier1 benefits, file for EUC Tier2 benefits and inquire on an existing claim. Because the federal has extended unemployment extension benefits program, www.unemployment.ok.gov is processing all pending Tier1, 2 and 3 claims that have been filed and hope to have all pending payments issued by July 31st. Only the deadlines were extended, there is no extra Tiers have been added.

Except filing the online claims, you can also update your PIN and address information at www.unemployment.ok.gov. If you can not find answers related to Oklahoma unemployment extension benefits, contact the Unemployment Service Center at 525-1500 if you are inwards the OKC calling area and 1-800-555-1554 if you are outside the Oklahoma City calling area.

Oklahoma Unemployment FAQs

  1. What’s the general eligibility requirements of Disaster Unemployment Assistance(DUA)? In order to be eligible for DUA you must meet all the following eligibility requirements: Your unemployment must have been caused as a direct result of a major disaster proclaimed by the President of the United States. An initial application for DUA must be filed within 30 days of the State announcement of the availability of assistance. The wages used to calculate your weekly amount must meet the applicable State unemployment insurance benefit criteria.
  2. What’s the conditions of Unemployment as a Direct Result of a Major Disaster? One of the following conditions of unemployment must have occurred as a direct result of the disaster to qualify for DUA: No longer have a job. Are incapable to reach the place of employment. Were to have commenced work and do not have a job or incapable to reach the job. Became to breadwinner or major support because the head of household died. Cannot work because of injury caused by the major disaster.

If you are not a citizen of the United States, you cannot be paid DUA benefits based on your services unless you were legally in the United States at the time such services were performed and authorized to work.

Oklahoma Employment Security Commission Links

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