Official Payments Makes Paying Tax Easy and Fast

As fair taxpayers, paying tax in time has been one unalienable part of our lives. Now you can pay your federal, state and local tax obligations via credit card, debit card or electronic check online sans going to post office and stand in line late at night. It is convenient, secure and reliable.

Paying Tax via Official Payments Instructions
Official Payments is an alternative for taxpayers to pay various taxes, including personal income taxes, estimated quarterly taxes and biz taxes. Benefits of using Official Payments to pay taxes include:

  • Speed. When you pay your taxes online or via automated telephone system, you don’t need to  make phone calls or mail a check.
  • Flexibility. You don’t need to wait in line at Post Office. You can lightly set up payment reminders, schedule automatic payments and view your payment history.
  • Rewards. When you use a credit or debit card to pay taxes, you may earn prize points, miles or money back.

Official Payments charges a convenience fee (Reference Link 2)  for processing credit card transactions. If you want to use it, you will just take a few steps to finish paying taxes online (Reference Link 1) :

  1. Visit www.officialpayments.com
  2. Select the type of payment you want to make from Federal IRS Payments, State Payments, Local Payments and Education Payments.
  3. Enter the payment amount and the payment option that you intent to make the payment with.
  4. Convenience fees associated with your payment option and the amount of the payment will be displayed.
  5. Provide necessary information to conclude your payment.
  6. Review and confirm the information you have provided.
  7. You will get a a digital receipt containing a confirmation number for all successfully concluded payments. You are encouraged to print the receipt for your records.

Official Payments is not a tax adviser and does not provide advice on any tax requirements. You are encouraged to seek pro tax advice for tax questions and assistance. If you have any problem concerning paying taxes via Official Payments, you can refer to their FAQs (Reference Link 3).

About Official Payments Corporation
Official Payments is a leading provider of electronic payment solutions, enabling citizens to use their credit card or debit card to pay anything from parking citations to tax bills. Official Payments offers “last minute” tax payment options. People located in the U.S. can use their telephone or the web to charge payments to various government entities including federal, state, and local branches.

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