OfficeMax MaxPerks Rewards Program

Would you like to decorate your office for a finer working environment and finer mood for work? Do you need items for your office? Are you interested in getting some prizes while purchasing office products you want? If so, OfficeMax MaxPerks Rewards Program may be a right choice for you.

OfficeMax MaxPerks Rewards Program Login Guide
OfficeMax MaxPerks Rewards Program offers two major kinds of prizes to you. One is MaxPerks Rewards program, the other is the MaxPerks Rewards for Teachers program. They have different prizes policies for you. And there is also the MaxPerks Recycling Program in which you can earn up to $20in prizes monthly.

If it is in a store or via the phone that you signed up for MaxPerks and it is the first-ever time that you have gone to the site, activation of your online account is needed. You need to come in your 9 Digit Member ID which you received during your visit.

If you already have your MaxPerks account, just use email address or member ID and password to login. With MaxPerks Rewards for Business or home, you can buy supplies, furniture, technology, services and more and you’ll get 5% prizes back. As a member, you’ll earn a $25 prize in your MaxPerks account for every $500 you spend on qualified purchases. What’s more, there’s no limit on how much you can earn for prizes across the calendar year.

The MaxPerks Rewards for Teachers program is specifically tailored for classroom needs and budgeting concerns. As a member, you’ll earn a $10 prize in your MaxPerks account for every $75 you spend on qualified purchases – up to $100 per calendar year. For more information, you can get to know rewards policy for the MaxPerks Rewards for Teachers program.

As to how to redeem your rewards, it is kind of easy. At the end of each month, OfficeMax MaxPerks Rewards Program will review all online accounts electronically and announce any prizes you may have earned. Your prize is intended to be released by the end of the following month. You can simply log in to your account, print your card, and visit any OfficeMax location near you to redeem your rewards. You can also redeem them online at OfficeMax homepage or by phone at 866.MAXPERKS.

Other than the prizes program, OfficeMax MaxPerks is also suggesting ink and toner recycling program with special prizes for MaxPerks customers.

About OfficeMax
OfficeMax Incorporated was founded on April 1st, 1988 by Bob Hurwitz and Michael Feuer in Cleveland, Ohio. Now its headquarter is in Naperville, Illinois, US. OfficeMax opened its first-ever retail store in July, 1988 and now it owns more than 1,000 stores. OfficeMax plays a major role in the area of business-to-business office products and retail office products.

Learn more about MaxPerks prizes program and recycling program at www.officemax.com/maxperks.

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