Office Depot Performance Protection Plan

Love your computers, portable Electronics or office furniture and don’t went them get hurt? You may need help from Office Depot which offers service like set up and configure your product, instantly troubleshooting and resolve product issues, 24 hour access to technical support customer services and connect with others who own the same products as you and learn from their real-life experiences.

ProductAssist Office Depot Performance Protection Plan Portal Instructions
A Office Depot Performance Protection Plan provides for the repair or replacement of the covered product to regular operating condition after it has failed due to defects in materials, workmanship or standard wear and rip or failures caused from Accidental Damage from Handling (‘ADH’) if ADH coverage has been purchased. The PPP will cover all expenses associated with repairing or substituting the covered product after the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired and during the plan term, unless a Date of Purchase plan has been purchased and the product failure is covered Day 1. The plan holder never pays deductibles or hidden costs for covered failures.

There are six types of Performance Protection Plans:

  1. Standard Service Plans
  2. Premium Service Plans
  3. Standard Replacement Plans
  4. Premium Replacement Plans
  5. Furniture Service Plans
  6. Furniture Replacement Plans

that cover various products such as: notebooks and desktop computers, peripherals such as printers and scanners, cameras, portable electronics, fax machines, shredders, monitors and so on.

You can either login with your Facebook or Google account or just register one. By registering your product, you can manage your products, view coverage details and review product claims. For registration, your First name, Last name, Email, Phone, Country and Zip are required.

About Office Depot
Office Depot is a supplier of office products such as biz machines, computers, computer software and office furniture, while its biz services include copying, printing, document reproduction, shipping, and computer setup and repair. It is a S&P 500 company, Office Depot generates revenues of over US $14 billion annually and has 42,000 employees worldwide. It is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

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