North Korea threatened to sink the “filthy animal” US aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”

Press the DPRK continues to make loud statements about the country’s readiness to apply military strikes on targets in other countries, demonstrating, according to Pyongyang, their ambitions in the Pacific. So, on Sunday the American media, with reference to the newspaper “Rodong Shimbun” reported that North Korea threatened to sink the US Navy aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”.


USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)

Indicates that the newspaper article was published on the background of how the two warships Japan had joined American aircraft carrier to maneuver.

The article “Rodong Shimbun” writes that the DPRK is willing to sink the American “one stroke.” When this ship is called a “dirty animal”, whose death “was a concrete example of our military might.”

As noted by Reuters, this article in “Rodong Shimbun” is on the third page, after a detailed story about the visit of Kim Jong-UN of svinoferma.

Earlier, North Korea threatened a nuclear strike Australia. North Korean authorities have stated that this nation is “blindly copying policy of the United States” and fall under the distribution, if continue to follow the American political course.

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