New Ways to Sell on eBay with Selling Assistant

Are you annoyed by the fact that you bought something at one time but don’t want it later? Has it ever occurred to you that you can sell your unwanted stuff on eBay? You have no time and don’t know how? Don’t worry, eBay can help you out with its Selling Assistant Program. The Selling Assistant Program has detected fresh ways for people to sell on eBay.

New Ways to Sell on eBay Instructions
eBay holds a multitude of specialty sites including the debate boards, groups, reaction center, talk rooms, and reviews and guides where millions of collectibles, vehicles, appliances, decor, furnishings,  computers, equipment, domain names, and other miscellaneous items are listed, bought, or sold every day. eBay accepts both new and gently used items of excellent condition. You can take the following steps to sell your items in fresh ways on eBay.

  1. Make a call. Call eBay Selling Assistant team at 855-USE-EBAY, or schedule a pick-up or request a box online with an eBay Selling Assistant.
  2. Pick up. If you choose the pick-up option, eBay Selling Assistant will come to your home, pick up the items you want to sell, and take them back to a processing center. You can receive a receipt. Provided you choose the mail-in option, a large, flat-rate box with a free comeback shipping label will be sent to you and you can drop it off at your nearest post office or request a USPS pick up.
  3. Get paid. EBay Selling Assistant will list, sell, and ship your sold items for you on receiving. When your items are sold, you can get 75% of the proceeds. The eBay Selling Assistant playmate will charge a 30% commission on sale price of items.
  4. Get back. Your can choose to donate those items that don’t sell. Or you can get them back from the Selling Assistant warehouse. They can be sent back to you for $9.99.

After all your items are posted for sale, you will get a confirmation email and you can get the links to track the sale of your items. Keep in mind that items over 25 lbs won’t be accepted and pick-up is limited to the Atlanta area while mail-in is available nationwide. You can check FAQs to know which types of items are excluded and other information.

Check “What Items Sell Well” to get a general idea of what you are going to sell, or get more inspiration on items to sell.

Please budge to www.ebay.com/sellingassistant to find out fresh ways to sell on eBay.

About EBay
eBay is an American public-held customer-to-customer company running biz in Online retailing field. It was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995 with headquarter in San Jose, California, US. After 18 years development, eBay has already become the World’s Online Marketplace. With almost 40 billion bucks total assets and approximately 30,000 employees, eBay serves its 233 million customers all over the world. Entering UK market in 1999, eBay now is UK’s largest online marketplace.

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