New Balance Women’s WL574 Sweatshirt Pack Running Shoe

Few things rival the thrill I get from running. So, as I look around at what the industry has to offer with regard to running shoes, I naturally focus on women’s running shoes that are thoughtfully designed to complement the needs of a female runner. There are times, however, when I can’t help but give a shoe a second look for its unique design; and that’s what happened with the New Balance Women’s WL574 Sweatshirt Pack Running Shoe. The refreshingly unique design of this running shoe got me curious as to what else it had in store for me as a runner, and here is what I dug up.


New balance claims that this is a leisurely sneaker, that features streaky sweatshirt-inspired overlays, a mesh toe piece, a padded collar and tongue, a rubber sole, and a prominent N logo. Naturally, I saw a lot more than this. The sweatshirt inspiration in the construction of the shoe’s upper was clearly evident. And I couldn’t help but notice that the shoe also had an unmissable classic look. I’ll admit that even though the shoe has enough unique design elements to make it more interesting than a typical modern rehash of a classic sports shoe, it was to me an interesting retro shoe if only for its whimsical design.

What I Like

Style is the clear highlight of this shoe, and I don’t mind that fact. Most shoe brands take themselves very seriously when designing sports shoes. Not that there’s anything wrong with this. It’s just that to many of them, a running shoe should put functionally above all else. Any design tweaks are usually meant to make the shoe seem more deserving of a chance at the race tracks. But not with the New Balance Women’s WL574 Sweatshirt Pack running shoe. This shoe has an out-of-the-box design view that is sure to get positive reaction from many runners, in no small part because they will be fashion-conscious women. It did the same for me. So, this is certainly one of the few shoes I would feel proud wearing as part of my casual wear, because if effortlessly fills this role.

I have to admit, when I saw to what lengths New Balance had gone to in order to give the shoe a unique look, I became a bit skeptical of what it could do for a runner. But my concerns were pleasantly laid to rest. Generally speaking, this shoe was definitely made with a runner in mind. Among other things, it is very well padded, light enough for optimal efficiency, and has the ergonomic edge to make sure you can get the most out your running. So, yes. This is more than a beautiful shoe for wearing with your casual outfits.

What You Should Watch Out For

New Balance usually takes care of wide-footed buyers. But it seems they dropped the ball with this one. If your feet are a little wider than average, this shoe might feel quite constrictive even if you get the length right. Otherwise, those of us with normal feet will enjoy a very comfy pair of running shoes.

To Sum Up

The New Balance Women’s WL574 Sweatshirt Pack Running Shoe is captivating, I certainly see myself getting a pair to show off as part of my casual wear when not on the running trails.