New Balance Men’s M990v3 Running Shoe

All is well with the world once I run. And to maintain a healthy interest in the sport, I always go for running gear that gives me an edge. This is why researching various running shoe models is something I do regularly, especially when I feel like a pair I’m currently using could have a feature that would take my running to the next level. Of late, I have been especially concerned about the durability of running shoes, which is how New Balance Men’s M990v3 Running Shoe came under my radar. A little more digging on this classic-themed running shoe revealed the following.


New Balance Men’s M990v3 running shoe is described as being a classic running shoe with a dual-density collar, padded tongue, reflective detailing, and a leather and fabric upper. While most New Balance shoes are imported, this model is made in the US, something that seems to be reflected in the shoes premium pricing. The most notable thing about the shoe is its great classic design, which gives it a certain appeal.

What I Like

There are lots of running shoes out there, but if you are a serious runner and don’t want to head to the shoe store every few weeks, I recommend you get New Balance Men’s M990v3 running shoe. This shoe is constructed to take the punishing terrains of most running trails. The shoe will offer you a serious life of service as a runner, and at this price, you can’t possibly expect any less. In addition to the high durability, the shoe also comes with great features for enhanced comfort. Things like support and stability are all incorporated into the shoe to ensure you assume the healthiest posture as you run, jog, or even walk.

These New Balance 990s feel great right out the box, which I like because I am not really a fan of the “break-in period” when you can’t tell whether you are trying to force the wrong shoe size to work for you or just getting used to your new shoe. The comfort this shoe has in store for its runners can be experienced as soon as they are worn for the first time.

I also liked that this shoe features reflective detailing, which serves me well when running when there is little light outside. Darkness should not have to keep you from completing your run if you feel like your run could last for a couple more minutes. So, as you run in the dark, the N logo should help announce your presence, especially to motorists who would otherwise become aware of your presence a little too soon and possibly ran into you.

Some Concerns

The price was one of the things I did not really feel comfortable with as far as this shoe was concerned. I understand that as a “Made in USA” running shoe, the M990v3 was not going to be a very cheap shoe. But with a minimum price of well over a hundred bucks, this is a considerably expensive shoe in a niche where some shoes cost a fraction of the cost. The shoe also tends to have a strong repugnant ammonia smell after it gets wet, so be on the lookout for this.


The New Balance Men’s M990v3 Running Shoe is certainly a shoe I would like to own in the near future, simply because it has the increasingly rare attribute of durability, not to mention a high level of comfort.