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At Florida Department of Children and Families official website, you can apply for food stamps, cash assistance and medicaid. It is the place for you to accomplish an unfinished grants application or review and add comments to a social security financial aid application that has been E-Signed.

ACCESS Florida Food, Medical Assistance and Cash Instructions
What you can do here online includes prescreening of eligibility certification, online application and reviews, view your available benefits and current benefits status, schedule an appointment and your application status. In order to ensure that you can get the food stamps in time, you should report your profile and income changes. It is effortless to review your report changes, of course. If you are not used to online application, you can go to their office or call them for your account information.

First of all, check your eligibility on the homepage by clicking “Do I Qualify?”  to figure out whether your household can get food, cash and health care assistance. You will need to response 17 questions to confirm your eligibility. Then you’ll see whether and how many people in your household may qualify for the benefits. You are permitted to make switches before submission. Remember that even if the prescreening implement says your household is not eligible, you may still be able to cram out an application.

If you are qualified, you can then apply for the benefits online.

  1. Go to the “Apply For Benefits” page. Choose “Apply for benefits.”  There are a few options for you to choose from, including Apply for benefits, Complete an unfinished application, Add comments to an application, My ACCESS Account and eligibility reviews, and Submit a Review to proceed to receive benefits. When you apply, you need the information such as Social Security number and date of birth, income information, housing expenses, health insurance information and so on.
  2. Choose for whom you are applying and the program you would like to apply for from food assistance, cash assistance, medicaid, nursing home medicaid coverage, HCBS/Waivers, hospice, medicare savings program, and Simplified Eligibility for Pregnant Women.
  3. Read the information provided. You will get an ACCESS Online Number and create a password to conclude your unfinished application or add comments in the future. In order to apply successfully, you need to come in private information such as name, gender, city, address, phone number and email address to finish the application. After the affirmation, an email will be sent to your mailbox.
  4. When your application is approved, you will have an AccessFlorida account, with which you can check your benefits status and availability, review due date, benefit account history, print a makeshift Medicaid card and more. You can also report your intimate status switches or find an ACCESS customer service center at this page.
  5. Refer to FAQs about My ACCESS account. Make sure you have a good internet connection when you are cramming out the application. You can call Customer Call Center at 1-866-76ACCES or 1-866-762-2237 for more help.

Visit www.myflorida.com/accessflorida to apply for your benefits and check status.

About Florida Department of Children and Families
The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), founded in 1996, is a state agency of Florida which provides social services to children, adults, refugees, domestic violence victims, human trafficking victims, the homeless community, child care providers, disabled people, and elderly.

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