MyCricket MMS Collection Service

If you are using feature phone, you need to visit MyCricket MMS page to reach your latest MMS. If you are using the latest smartphones within Cricket wireless, like Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy S Android phone, Windows Phone 7 phone, you do not need to visit this page to get your picture, flick and audio message. Of course you need to make sure you have joined Cricket data plan.

MyCricket MMS Collection Service Instructions
If you are still using the old style cell phones, which can not compose multimedia message and read the message from your friends, you can visit www.mycricket.com/mms.

If you are receiving flick message, capable of MMS does not grantee you can read the message with your cell phone, the mobile phone has to be capable of downloading videos. Read your cell phone’s user manual to check out. To send and read a MMS at www.mycricket.com/mms is very easy. Send or read it as an email, your e-mail address is [email protected] For example, a customer with the phone number 123-456-7890 can receive a multimedia message at [email protected] You can sign up MyCricket MMS service by logging your Cricket account and add MMS into your cart or you can call 1-800-CRICKET to ask Cricket customer service team help you enable it. Read your MMS at Cricket is even simpler, input the MSISDN and Message ID information you get from the text message and login, your MMS is there.

The Multimedia Mailbox (MMBox) is a Web-based mailbox messaging service that enables you to lightly view and manage email and multimedia messages from a single location. You can access the MMBox from a standard Web browser, as well as view, listen to, organize messages, and customize the MMBox interface and messaging account settings. If you do not have an MMS-enabled handset or access to the mailbox, you can view the multimedia messages you receive by clicking the link to the MMBox URL displayed on your handset. Occasional users (typically legacy users who are not provisioned or nonsubscribers to a messaging service) can also view messages thru guest access with a one-time password.

The following procedure describes how to access the MMBox from a Web browser as a provisioned subscriber with access to only the messaging service. You see the nonmailbox view of the MMBox sans the Inbox, but with other functionalities as configured in your profile.

  1. In the address bar of your Web browser, type the URL provided by your service provider. The MMBox Login page appears.
  2. In the User and Password fields, type your MSISDN or username, and default password.
  3. Click Log In. The Multimedia Message page shows up (Figure: MMBox Nonmailbox View).
  4. In the Please Enter Message ID field, type the message ID that shows up in the SMS message, and then click View. The multimedia viewer emerges displaying the message you received.
  5. Do one of the following: To reply only to the sender, or to the sender and the other recipients, click Reply, or  Reply All, respectively, and proceed as described in Replying to a Message from the Inbox. To forward the message, click Forward, and proceed as described in Forwarding a Message from the Inbox. To save the message to your computer, click  Save, and proceed as described in Saving a Message in the Inbox.

About Cricket
Cricket Wireless is the first-ever wireless company to suggest prepaid, unlimited nationwide wireless phone and internet service – sans contracts, credit checks or overage fees. In January 2011, Cricket introduced Muve Music and became the very first U.S. wireless carrier to suggest consumers unlimited music as part of a wireless rate plan. The Muve service was built for customers for whom the phone, not the computer, is the center of their digital life. With Muve Music, Cricket has eliminated the complexity found with other digital music services – there are no cables, no drivers and no synching required. Everything happens over Cricket’s nationwide 3G network to supply a sturdy music practice to music paramours on the go.

Read your Circket MMS at www.mycricket.com/mms.

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