My Sheetz Card

You may wonder what is a My Sheetz Card? Well, it is the one and only loyalty card you need to save on all the Sheetz you want. That is to say, with a My Sheetz card, you’re privileged with special in-store offers, off the hook perks and 3¢ off every gallon at the pump daily. Just get one your card at your local Sheetz and embark saving from this minute.

My Sheetz Card Instructions
My Sheetz card is totally free. To become a member of My Sheetz card you need to breathe up at a store first. After signing up, reminisce to visit Sheetz site and register online with your account and a valid email address. Upon completion of your email address, you will receive a confirmation email. Click the link suggested to finish online registration and then you can take advantage of all the sensational benefits and offers!

How many ways can you save with the My Sheetz Card loyalty program? In a word, a Sheetzload. In a few more words:

  1. Save on gas: Register your card online and swipe it at the pump to commence daily saving on each gallon.
  2. The brilliant ten: Buy 10 of Sheetz most well-liked items and you will receive one for free, including freshly brewed coffee and Fizz City fountain drinks, Sheetz Bros. Coffee specialty beverages, Shweetz donuts and all 6- and 12-inch M·T·O subs.
  3. On the spot savings: You can always hope the key fob symbol on specially priced items. Swipe your My Sheetz Card or key fob at the counter and ka-ching, you’re saving dough. Plus, when you buy a plenty of of something, they will throw in a free one every so often.
  4. Sheetz freebies: Watch that inbox for Sheetz Freebiez. If you’ve registered your card, you will not only save 3¢ on every gallon of gas each day, but also get emails to inform you when they have uploaded your card with free stuff you can get at any Sheetz.

About Sheetz
Owned by the Sheetz family, Sheetz is a chain of gas station and convenience stores which founded in 1952 and headquartered in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It strives to provide customers with superb convenience and  be more than just a convenience store. If you need to refuel your car or refresh your body, they have all things you may need.

Get My Sheetz prizes card at www.mysheetzcard.com.

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