My Sears Rebates Program

At My Sears rebate official site, it is effortless to claim your rebate online. Complete online registration form is the very first step, then come in your purchase information, and tell Sears how you want to receive your rebate. That is done, you just need to wait for your Sears rebate offers.

My Sears Rebate Instructions
You may need to wait 3-5 days for processing your rebate online at www.mysearsrebate.com. You do not need to send your original receipt to Sears to redeem your rebate, if you did that, do recall keep a copy for your records.

If you lost your receipt, you can visit your local store where the purchase was made and ask them to reprint a receipt for you. This process can be more lightly facilitated if you’ve paid with a credit card and know the date of purchase. If you did the purchase online rather than in-store visit, you will have an email validating your purchase date, amount invoiced and also have a packing slip included in the shipment. For online purchases, the email and packing slip are used as the sales receipt. Please provide both for purposes of validating your purchase when a copy of receipt is requested.

If you want to know about rebate center offers/rebate forms, select your purchase date and department, click “Search All Debates”. Then, click the plus symbol next to your suggest description to flash extra details. If you would like to download a rebate form, please click the “Download Rebate Form” button under the adequate offer.

About Sears Rebate
The fresh Sears Rebate Center is unlike any other rebate process you’ve experienced. You no longer need to finish lengthy forms, cut up your package and mail in UPC codes to unknown PO Boxes. The rebate process is entirely integrated to the point of sale transaction system. Each night all sales data from the store is sent to system for matching to your request. Just by coming in your receipt information, as illustrated on the site after logging in, they will tally up your rebates and mail them to you quickly! Once you come in your receipt information, they will look up that receipt and automatically qualify you for ALL rebates you are eligible for. So if you bought a few items in one shopping trip, you only need to come in your receipt once and they will treat the rest. Information about your rebate request is available for viewing online at any time, and emails are sent to keep you updated about the status of your request.

Visit www.mysearsrebate.com and redeem your Sears rebate.

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