My Florida County

My Florida County is a place to pay county services online. No matter you are going to pay child support, pay traffic tickets, order official records or make quick and secure payments online, My Florida County can always help you. It is not only an online payment system, it is designed for helping Florida citizens be lighter with the most significant services. You will be able to receive instant confirmation of your traffic tickets payments and be ready to take traffic school at the same time.

My Florida County Guide
The following are the benefits using My Florida County online service:

Pay child support:

  • Instant verification that your payment was accepted by Florida state dispersal unit.
  • Pay by credit card or debit card
  • Create an account for streamlined payments.

Pay traffic tickets:

  • Don’t waste time waiting in line at the courthouse.
  • Receive instant confirmation that your payment has been received.
  • Elect to take traffic school at the same time.

Order official records:

  • Search thousands of official records across counties, all in one place.
  • Frequently ordering records? Create an account for streamlined ordering.
  • Purchase records using our secure payment gateway.

You need to inject your username and password so as to login, and then you can make payments, view latest payments and deposit directly.

About My Florida County

MyFloridaCounty.com, which was founded 10 years ago, has been maintained and operated by the Florida Association of Court Clerks Services Group. It is a member-operated group of county officials. It is dedicated to help citizens process child support payments, ticket payments and provide ongoing support and improvements for the website.

The MyFloridaCounty.com site provides statewide internet access to local and state government services and information. Electronic commerce over the internet, thru the MyFloridaCounty.com site is an easy-to-use, cost-efficient way of treating transactions that would normally be treated either thru the Clerks walk-in counter or mailroom.

Pay your child support, traffic tickets payments online at www.myfloridacounty.com.

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