Muve Music Unlimited Music Downloads

For cell phone and music lovers, Cricket offers a dedicated music phone plan with Muve Music with which you get talk, text, web, and unlimited music downloads. With Muve Music from Cricket you don’t have to carry a phone and an .mp3 player,don’t have to pay for phone service and song purchases and can create your own ringtones and ringback tones…and more.

Muve Music Unlimited Music Downloads Instructions
You can take your music anywhere. Use headphone, connect to a home audio system, or listen thru your car speakers. Just with one plan, you can have your fresh music sent automatically to your phone each and every day and share your love of music with all your friends. You’ll never pay a per song fee. Your monthly plan is all-inclusive–unlimited music, no restrictions. It is effortless to commence a plan with Muve Music:

  1. Go to www.mycricket.com
  2. Click the advertisement of 10 Million Songs To Choose From, All Include In Your Plan
  3. Click Learn More under MUVE MUSIC or About The Phones & Plans, come in your Zip Code
  4. Choose your phone, review the plan and add to cart
  5. Click Check Out and cram the information for billing and shipping

About Cricket Wireless
Founded in 1999, Cricket Wireless provides wireless services to over 7 million customers in the United States. No matter what type of phone or plan you’re looking for, Cricket is a cell phone company that provides options for you. Unlike most other cell phone companies, with Cricket there are no credit checks and no contracts to sign.

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