More Benefits from Meijer with mPerks

What is your secret of saving money? Coupons? Clearance items? Don’t leave behind that there is another way of saving and it lasts for lengthy term, as lengthy as you are a loyal customer. That is prizes program and Meijer is no exception. As a well known hypermarket, meijer prize you with mPerks.

More Benefits from Meijer with mPerks Overview
To love more benefits and savings, you certainly need an account.

Sign up by cramming out your contact information such as your name, mobile number, email etc and then choose your activation options: with a text message or sans text message. If you choose to activate sans text message you need to call 1-800-313-2913 from the phone number you used to sign up and followed the instructions to activate your account and sign in by coming in your PIN, then you can choose the prizes you  want, could be coupons , or prizes from pharmacy, for baby or your personalized rewards.

Enjoy the Benefits and Save

The most amazing thing about mperks is that you do not need  to cut or sort coupons and leave behind your paper coupons.

Once you have joined mPerks, you can choose digital coupons online or on the Meijer mobile app to redeem on the items you picked up at Meijer stores. At the checkout, staffed lane or self-checkout, come in you mPerks number or your mobile number and PIN, then you will love the benefits of mPerks

mPerks coupons are only valid once and can not be used for purchase at meijer.com

About Meijer
As one of the largest retailers in the United States, Meijer is a regional hypermarket chain, and it is credited withing being the first-ever hypermarket Meijer stores are usually operated in forms of supercenters and hypermarkets. For most meijer stores the operating hours are usually 24 hours and 364 days a year.

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