Mikhail Prokhorov has exposed on sale of 49% of shares of “Brooklyn nets”

Photo: Harry E. Walker/ZUMAPRESS.com/ Globallookpress.com

Businessman Mikhail Prokhorov has exposed on sale of 49% of the basketball club NBA “the Brooklyn nets”. The buyer has not been found yet, but the billionaire has promised that a controlling stake of the assets of the club in any way will be for him

Mikhail Prokhorov declared intention to sell 49% of the basketball club “Brooklyn nets” of the National basketball Association (NBA), the businessman told the Agency “R-Sport”.

He noted that the shares already offered for sale, but buyer is not found. “While this process goes on, looking for a buyer”, — said Prokhorov.

As reported by Mikhail Prokhorov TASS, he will remain the main owner of the club. “I am committed to “Brooklyn nets” and remain the primary owner of the team. My goal of finding partners in the local market is to continue strengthening the presence of the team in new York to expand our business and social relations,” — said Prokhorov.

In December 2016 Prokhorov told Bloomberg about his plans for the sale of “Brooklyn nets”. Then the businessman is not informed, what share in the club he plans to get rid of. The specific possible buyers of the shares of the club Prokhorov did not name, noting only that the search for shareholders he attracted investment Bank Allen & Co.

Mikhail Prokhorov, with a fortune of $8.9 billion occupies the 145th place in the global rating Forbes. His company, Onexim Sports & Entertainment bought 80% of shares of the team “Brooklyn nets” and 45% stake in the Barclays Center stadium in 2010, the remaining shares through the Forest City Enterprises belonged to the developer Bruce Ratner. Then basketball team based in new Jersey in the United States. The total cost of securities acquired by Prokhorov, was $223 million In 2012, “Brooklyn nets” moved to new York.

“We wanted to make this move as more as possible bright and cheerful, so our idea was that to save money not need to buy expensive players, no matter what it takes! We put on a quick victory and threw on it everything they had,” — said Prokhorov, in an open letter to the media, when in February 2016 reminisced about the team’s relocation.

At the end of December 2015 Prokhorov became the sole owner of the “Brooklyn nets” bought not belonging to him earlier share of the club from Ratner. According to Forbes, a total of Prokhorov paid for the club is $875 million, and its home arena — $825 million, including debt. According to estimates of Bloomberg, which is about 10% cheaper than the previously announced cost of the club, which was $1.9 billion.

About his work with the “Brooklyn nets” in an open letter to the media in February 2016, Prokhorov said: “If I had any concerns about how to be a stranger in a foreign land, the last six years has convinced me that in the US all only care about your commitments, not your passport, your accent and your home address. “America, I said six years ago, I come in peace. And I still with the world.”