MetroPCS Mobile Instant Messaging

www.metropcs.com/MIM is MetroPCS Mobile Instant Messaging homepage. MetroPCS Mobile Instant Messaging, what is so called Mobile IM, enables AOL AIM members and Windows Live Messengers customers to see and text their online friends with their MetroPCS phones.

MetroPCS Mobile Instant Messaging Instructions
Not every MetroPCS mobile phone is available for the mobile IM services, the following types are working now: Huawei M750, Kyocera Laylo, Motorola Hint, Motorola VE440, Samsung Messenger, Samsung Messenger II, Samsung Finesse, Samsung Freeform and LG Lyric. Read the latest phone list at this page.

If you think Mobile IM is what you indeed need, go to MetroPCS line-up page to purchase a phone with the feature and go to www.metropcs.com/MIM to attempt it.

Actually, if you are using the latest smartphone like Apple iPhone 4, Google Android powered Samsung Galaxy S, LG Optimus, Motorola Droid X, you do not need to use mobile IM any more. Applications like TextNow, KetaoTalk and Textfree can meet your needs, unlimited instant messages via internet will save you more money. www.metropcs.com/aim is the same address for MetroPCS mobile IM.

About MetroPCS Mobile Instant Messaging
MetroPCS is America’s leader in no-annual-contract cell phone service, providing not just fine wireless service, but the finish freedom and convenience that goes along with nationwide coverage. They suggest unlimited talk, text and web cell phone plans with all-in pricing, applicable taxes and regulatory fees included. That means there are no unhappy surprises or extra charges with our no-annual-contract cell phone plans.

What makes them different are:

  • Unlimited talk, text and web
  • No annual contract
  • Nationwide coverage
  • 4G LTE network

Start Mobile IM with your MetroPCS phone at www.metropcs.com/MIM.

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