Medina a thesis are encouraged to send in Belgorod University

Vladimir Medinsky

Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC

The Presidium of the HAC recommended to submit the thesis, Vladimir Medinsky, in Belgorod state University. This will be the third institution which will consider the work of the Minister

The dissertation of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky suggested for consideration in the dissertation Council of the Belgorod state national research University, told RBC a source in Presidium of the Higher attestation Commission (HAC) and confirmed a member of the Presidium Mikhail Gelfand. Such a recommendation to the Bureau experts came to the WAC on Friday, April 21. The Bureau has supported it, said the officials RBC. His conclusion is a recommendation, the final decision of the Ministry of education.

Dissertation Council of the Belgorod University will be the third, which receives the work of the Minister. The academic Council is the first authority in the decision about deprivation of degree. After the materials are sent to the relevant expert Council of VAK, and then to the Presidium of the HAC. Following the discussion, the experts shall issue its conclusion to the Ministry of education.

Prior to BSU Medina doctoral thesis “Problems of objectivity in the coverage of Russian history in the second half of the XV — XVII centuries” was sent to the Ural Federal University in Ekaterinburg Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov. In Ekaterinburg the Minister could not come due to his hectic schedule. The Council of the Moscow state University February 7, 2017 did not consider the work of Medina: the Dean of the history faculty of the Ivan Tuchkov said that plagiarism in the work there. The materials were not considered on the merits, as the Council have not provided them, said then a member of the academic Council Sergei Mironenko.

After MSU, the Minister was supposed to go in any Institute, says the activist community Discerned, co-author of the statement on deprivation of Medina degree, philologist Ivan Babitsky. “But I’m not surprised by this choice. Among the RAS institutes and leading universities of Russia obviously will not work to find the one where he agreed to recognize the creation of the Medina thesis and the failure to consider the scenario MSU are unlikely to organize for the second time, especially after what happened as a result of the Council,” he said in a conversation with RBC.

That thesis Medina for the third time will pass in the dissertation Council, said April 19 the Chairman of the expert Council of VAK on the history of Pavel Uvarov. After the return of materials from the MSU lawyers VAK and the Ministry of education could not decide what to do with the work of Medina, said Uvarov. “Apparently, the materials that are sent to the academic Council at MSU, is not enough”, — he stressed.

The statement about the withdrawal of the Minister’s degree in April of 2016 in addition to Babitsky filed in the WAC two doctors of historical Sciences Vyacheslav Kozlyakov and Konstantin erusalimsky. In their opinion, the thesis of Medina “is full of gross mistakes,” the author uses “distinctive methodological approach”, not related to the science and conclusions “on the style approach to the propaganda pamphlet”, said the scientists.