Media: nutritionists told what vegetables prevent a person to lose weight

It is believed that in order to lose weight, a person should eat lots of vegetables. However, not all vegetables are fully suitable for this task, according to a number of media with reference to experts from Harvard University.


Reportedly, scientists have studied the information about 13 thousand people who watched his diet and kept a diary of nutrition. The results showed that those who preferred vegetables high in fiber, often quite effectively maintained a slim figure, while a number of other vegetables, on the contrary, this task is considerably complicated.

Potatoes, who has been the reputation of “wrong” vegetable for weight loss, the list is not headed, behind corn. In third place is the peas. In General as harmful for the figure turned out to be all vegetables, containing large amounts of starch in addition to the above, to them, in particular, include carrots, radishes, pumpkins, radishes and beets. It is noted that completely abandon the use of all these products one should not, however, limit their use may be the right step to maintain a slender figure.

It should be noted that earlier it was reported about another study, which in many ways can be considered almost opposite — boiled corn and beets, the authors recommend eating even at night, not too fearing that it will lead to weight gain. However, both works have in common the recognition that eating excessive amounts of potatoes — not the best way to lose weight.

By the way, recently experts from the US came to the conclusion that beetroot juice in combination with exercise can be very useful for the brain people with hypertension.