MD Unemployment Insurance Benefits Online

MD unemployment insurance benefits online services suggest a convenient and effortless way for you to check your benefits account balance, latest transactions, active your prize and even more. Visit this site and log in your account, you will get all the convenience with its online services.

Maryland Unemployment Insurance Benefits

  1. The card is issued by Citibank and powered by Visa, you can get cash and make purchases at any place that accepts Visa.
  2. Citi prepaid card is a debit card instead of a credit card, which means there is no credit line associated with this card.
  3. A claimant can also withdraw his/her unemployment insurance benefits at any of the 400,000 Visa-branded ATMs in the U.S., of which over 50,000 are surcharge-free, including ATMs in Citibank branches, MoneyPass ATM network, Publix stores, 7-11 stores and Allpoint ATM network.
  4. A claimant will be permitted four free withdrawals per month using any of the ATMs cited above. Subsequent ATM withdrawals will carry a $1.50 fee per withdrawal.

How to Log In or Register Your Maryland Unemployment Account

If you have already registered you can log in your card account at the landing page with your username and password. If not, you should go thru the following steps to register your card to get extra control, security and features:

  1. Select your country from Canada, United States and Mexico;
  2. Enter zip code where your card was mailed to;
  3. Input the 16 digit number printed on the front of your card;
  4. Enter the security code which is on the back of your card at the end on the signature panel;
  5. Press “Next” button and confirm your identity;
  6. Choose the username and password you are going to use and submit your application;

About Maryland Unemployment Insurance
Maryland unemployment insurance provides benefits to persons who are unemployed thru no fault of their own and who are ready, willing and able to work, and actively seeking work. The Division of Unemployment Insurance is committed to providing quality, accurate, courteous and dependable service to claimants and employers in a secure and confidential environment that requests accountability, integrity and fairness.

Check your Maryland unemployment insurance benefits account balance at www.mduibenefits.com.

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