Maximize Your Earnings with Ally Branch Free Bank

Will you be excited if there is a bank that doesn’t charge you and ATM fees at any ATM nationwide? No kidding, Ally is such a bank that automatically reimburse fees charged by other banks at the end of your monthly statement period. Ally has no expensive corporal locations, so it is able to suggest you more competitive rates and 24/7 live customer care. You can get more with Ally bank.

Ally a Branch-Free Bank Overview
You can bank by phone, using your computer or mobile device with Ally at anytime and anywhere. It is effortless to make deposits, stir money, get cash, keep track of your account, and pay bills. And no minimum balance is required to open an Ally account. Here are some benefits of banking with Ally:

  1. Deposit checks remotely. You can use Ally eCheck Deposit to deposit checks remotely, and all you need is a mobile device with camera and a Ally Mobile Banking app. Just open the app and tap “Make Deposits”, then take a picture of your endorsed check (front and back), the last step is to submit the picture. You can also use your computer to do the same thing, you will need a scanner. Log in at allybank.com and go to Make Deposits, scan both sides of your endorsed check (front and back), then just submit.
  2. Online Transfers.You can take advantage of Ally Online Transers to stir your funds inbetween your Ally account and non-ally accounts free of charge.
  3. Pay other people online. You owe your friend for buying your lunch, and you need to pay your friend back before you leave behind when you get home. It is effortless to be done, just log in at ally.com, then visit Transfer Funds, find Other People, you will be asked to verify your mobile phone number if it is your very first visit. Enter your friend’s email address or mobile phone number to set up a payment, or you can send money to your friend’s account directly by come in his/her U.S. bank account information.
  4. You can get cash at any ATM nationwide free of charge. Ally ATM & Cash Locator (See Reference Link 1)  helps you find ATMs near you. You can use your debit card to get cash back when you make a purchase sans paying a fee.

You can open an Ally account at www.ally.com.

About Ally Bank
Formerly known as GMAC Bank, Ally Bank (which is a subsidiary of government-backed Ally Financial) offers savings and money market accounts, as well as traditional and no-penalty CDs. The online bank also offers interest checking accounts. The bank offers its services online and over the phone; it operates no corporal branch locations. Clients also can use any ATM in the US and Ally will reimburse any fees charged by other banks.

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