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Massachusetts Commonwealth Online Service Introduction
Just like Maryland Unemployment WebCert and EDD Unemployment WebCert, MASS DUA WebCert is one of the most significant methods for employees to apply for unemployment insurances. MASS DUA provides two secure and efficient electronics ways to claim weekly UI benefits, WebCert on the internet and TeleCert via phone. To use WebCert thru www.mass.gov/dua/webcert, you need to have already filed your unemployment claim. MASS DUA WebCert is used to claim benefits only for the week that just ended. Call 617-626-6800 or from area codes 508, 978, or 413, call 877-626-6800 to initiate an unemployment claim. Claimants outside of Massachusetts must call 617-626-6800. Remember to review and think cautiously about the questions in weekly claim, it is significant to keep your answers accurately and completely. Wrong message can cause a delay in your benefit payment.

Massachusetts WebCert Labor Marketing Information
From May, 2011 to May 2012, unemployment rates of US has dropped from 9.0% to 8.2%. On the other hand, unemployment rates of Massachusetts also get down from 7.4% to 6.0%. Before August, 2011, the two rates develop smoothly, but after that period, both the unemployment rates began to drop. However, in January, 2012, the unemployment rate of US stop to drop and a month latter, the unemployment rate of Massachusetts began to drop. Get more information, please visit lmi2.detma.org/Lmi/News_release_state.asp

Massachusetts WebCert FAQ

  • Why am I not eligible for the unemployment insurance(UI) program?

You are not eligible because you are in one of the following situations:

  1. employees of churches and certain religious organizations;
  2. worker trainees in a program administered by a non-profit or public institution;
  3. real estate brokers or insurance agents who work on a commission basis only;
  4. consultants working independently;
  5. elected officials and those in policy-making and advisory positions;
  6. and members of a legislative body, or the judiciary.
  • Will I be eligible for UI benefits if I am fired?

If you fired for skimpy spectacle you may be eligible; How ever, if you fired for deliberate misconduct or disturbance of a company rule, you may be disqualified.

  • I received severance pay. Can I collect Unemployment Insurance at the same time?

You cannot collect severance pay and UI benefits for the same weeks.

has been moved to Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development site at: https://ipasssecurity.detma.org/ipass/loginnew.asp?ipc=3, visit the page to claim your weekly benefits if you are ready.

Massachusetts WebCert Useful Links

  1. Labor and workforce development – www.mass.gov/lwd/unemployment-insur/
  2. Find a career center near you – www.mass.gov/lwd/workers-and-unions/find-a-career-center-near-you.html

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