Markin called incorrect claims Chubais for RusHydro

Vladimir Markin

Photo: Anton Belitsky / Kommersant

The company “RusHydro” answered the statement of the Chairman of the Board “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais, who said earlier that RusHydro refused joint plans to create a Fund for investments in the economy of the Far East and “completely failed in this subject”

As stated by the official representative of “RusHydro” Vladimir Markin, in an interview with Chubais “sounded incorrect evaluation of “RusHydro”, the activities of our company in the far East and attempts to establish cooperation with “Rosnano”. Words Markina presented in a press release received by RBC.

Markin explained that at the Eastern economic forum in 2015, signed a framework agreement with “Rosnano” about cooperation and working groups have been established.

“However, in the inventory of the proposed innovation it became clear that for the energy development of the Far East could be applicable only one of the developments of “Rosnano” in the field of solar energy. Therefore, to create a special Fund for the joint project was eventually considered not appropriate,” — said in a press release.

In addition, says Markin, it was found that a film coating of solar panels RUSNANO is not designed for the difficult climatic conditions of the Far East, not to mention the far North.

“To invest “RusHydro” in other innovations, interesting only to RUSNANO, it was considered not only impractical, but would be contrary to the status of RusHydro as a company that solves a clearly defined national objective,” — said the company.

Earlier in interview to TV channel “Vesti 24” Chubais blamed “RusHydro” in refusing to cooperate with RUSNANO in the far East.

“It is extremely interesting to us, it is extremely important [increased presence in the far East], we’ve interacted on this topic with colleagues, including with the company “RusHydro”, which in the end completely failed in this subject. I have a feeling that the company “RusHydro” not interested in what is happening in the far East, they refused to invest, despite the fact that their property is “RAO ES of the East”, and after the categorical rejection of such a partner we don’t know how we get on,” said Chubais.