Manage Your Sprint Mobile Services Online

How many of you are using Sprint and how many are using T-Mobile, Verizon or AT&T? Are you sated with the overall price you pay for your data, text and calling plans? You may need to switch your plans from time to time and determine which service provider is the best for you. Among other fine services, Sprint permits you to sell back your old phones and get up to $300. You can buy an iPhone 4s or 5c, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy, or Nokia Lumia here and love the benefits you can get from Sprint.

Sprint Online Destination Instructions
If this is your first-ever time visiting Sprint official site on your computer, you have the options to “Sign-In”, ‘Shop For Me”, “Shop For Work” as a customer, and to check “Why Join”, “Sprint For Me”, “Sprint For Work” as a visitor. Use your username and password to sign in, or click on the “Register” button on the “Sign-In” page to sign up with Sprint using your Sprint phone number, a serial number or an account number.

On the “Why Join” page, you can check how much Sprint can save for you compared to T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. By injecting your zip, you are able to check Sprint LTE coverage or see improvements.

To shop for Sprint products or services, you can click on “Shop” and inject your zip code to embark shopping if you are fresh to Sprint. Those who already have Sprint service can sign in instead by coming in the billing zip code and phone number to see prices and eligibility for upgrades or adding to your account. Roll over the “Shop” button on top of the site and choose from phones, plans, accessories, etc. Find the product you intend to buy and add it to the cart. If you are purchasing a device, you can pick a plan.

Sprint customers can visit “My Sprint” on the top banner to see bill, activate a fresh phone, make a payment, upgrade, switch plan, register for “My Sprint”, check your device and services, or set your preferences.

Apps, games, music & audio and Sprint TV are available to purchase in the “Digital Lounge”. Sprint offers “Support” in accounts, devices and services. Should you run into any trouble, click on the button or contact Sprint and find solutions to your problems.

There’s a lot to see and compare at www.sprint.com. See if you can get the service or device you want here.

About Sprint
Sprint was founded over a century ago as a telecommunications company and Nextel established itself as a wireless service operator two decades ago. Prior to 2005, the two companies merged. Later, SoftBank was acquired by Sprint. As one of the largest wireless network operator in the United States, Sprint provides a comprehensive range of wireless and wireline communications services to consumers, businesses and government users.

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