Manage Verizon Bill Online

With the development of national economy and the excellent switches of social production and lifestyle, a family or a company usually receives numerous paper bills which bring difficulties and lead to waste of resources. On this condition, the need for green bills or long-preservable bills is increasing. Verizon Bill Online thus emerges to sate such demand.

Verizon Bill Functions Instructions

My Verizon is the fastest, easiest way to manage your Verizon account. Verizon Wireless helps customers to


  1. Pay bill, view current & past bills
  2. Set up automatic payments
  3. Add and switch services online
  4. Receive online tech support when you need it
  5. Update account information and much more

Verizon Bill Online Management Instructions

In order to access the account online page or you need to sign in with user ID and password and choose which page you want to enter. Then click on “Sign In” button to continue. If you are a fresh customer, you need to register first.

  1. Click on the crimson “Register” button in the lower part of the homepage.
  2. Enter your Verizon telephone number, your Account Number and zip code into the required field, then hit the button marked “Continue”. By clicking on the question mark on the right side of the box, you can see an example of what you should pack in the Verizon Phone Number and Account Number part.
  3. Create a ID & password and ensue the instructions to accomplish the registration process.
  4. By ending the registration process, you can sign in your account and pay bills online.

Apart from viewing and paying bill online, you can also go to shop and services center for more information.

For residential customers, just visit verizon.com/billview to pay your bills online.

About Verizon
Verizon is brief for Verizon Communications Incorporation. Its predecessor was founded in 1983 and Verizon emerges in 2000 when Bell Atlantic merged with GTE – the former independent phone company. Now tooled with the nation’s most advanced fiber-optic network, Verizon has grown into American largest regional telephone company and 2nd largest telecommunications provider delivering the future of communications, broadband, and entertainment services.

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