Manage MITIE Payslips Online

In the past, payslips were always paper-made and it’s hard to keep them to help you manage your individual finance. Now with online payslips, employees are able to provide back issues of payslips for mortgage or loan application and access payslips anytime and anywhere sans payroll department consultation. Fortunately, if you work for MITIE Group, you can have a platform to manage your payslips online, where you will obtain the utter details of your current and historical payrolls.

Mipayslips Online Management Instructions
Mipayslips is a MITIE intranet, suggesting payslip services for its employees. The staff are able to check relative messages of their salary such as the amount, pay date, pay group and tax period, etc. Furthermore, it is immensely secure so that users do not need to worry about their intimate information being disclosed. To log in the online system,

  1. Visit www.mipayslips.com.
  2. If you are fresh to Mipayslips, please hit “Activate account” button on the right side.
  3. Input required information, including your employee number, national insurance number, email address, activation code and then create a password.
  4. Hit “Submit” button to proceed.
  5. After the activation process, you can log in to your account directly at the homepage by suggesting your employee number, email address and password.
  6. If you need help logging in or require general assistance, please contact your local payroll office.
  7. Log in and check your payslips. Please note that you will be coerced to log off after leaving the web page inactive for long.

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot Your Password?” link, input “Email address”, “Employee Number” and “National Insurance Number” and press “Submit” button. Then you will receive a password message in your registration e-mail.

About MITIE Group
MITIE Group is a British strategic outsourcing and energy services enterprise. It offers customers efficient and effective biz help by improving their facilities and satisfying their management needs. In 1989, after merging with Highgate & Job, it was renamed as the MITIE Group. Through 2006 to 2012, MITIE has successfully finished a few  mergers and acquisitions, gaining enlargening power and enhancing its world position.

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