Make Your Purchases Simpler and More Rewarding With Barclaycard

Obviously, savings equal earnings. With the Barclaycard card used, you can not only buy things with ease but also effortlessly get big savings in almost every aspect of your life when you make purchases as it offers you more special offers and prizes by joining mitts with 40 well-known and creative enterprises in the travel, retail, financial, entertainment and educational fields. So, get a Barclaycard card and manage it to make your purchases lighter and more rewarding.

Make Your Purchases Simpler and More Rewarding With Barclaycard Guide
Cooperating with the most prominent and innovative travel, entertainment, financial, retail and educational institutions nationwide, Barclaycard offers you various cards with more special offers for you, which empowers you to save more in almost every aspect of your life when you make purchases. From having no card in your mitt to using it to get savings, you need to take some necessary steps including applying for, activating and managing your card but it is effortless and quick to make it by following the instructions below.

How to apply for your card

  1. Enter the Barclaycard card center at www.barclaycardus.com and click the button marked “See all our cards” to get started.
  2. View all the categories including arrival, rewards, ring, travel & entertainment, retail, special interest as well as biz and pick your preferred class to narrow down your available options by clicking on the corresponding link.
  3. Look thru the descriptions about all the cards in the sub-category and choose your most pleased one to make the final decision by hitting the suitable “Apply now” button.

Upon completion of your application, you can keep tracking the status by opening the “Check the status” link in the right part of the card center, inputting your name, SSN, zip code as well as email address and hitting “CHECK STATUS”.

How to activate your card
When you receive your card, the very first thing for you to do is activate it, otherwise you are not permitted to use it. You can get your card activated by calling 1-877-408-8866.

How to manage your card
If you have an online account, you can love the services along with the card to the fullest. You can make purchases or payments online, manage your points or mails, view the balance & transactions and more, which is worthwhile to take a few steps to have one.

  1. Enter the card center, input your username and click the button marked “Log in” to access your card account.
  2. If you are a fresh user, press the “Set up online access” button to sign up.
  3. Provide your Social Security Number, date of birth and account.
  4. Create your username as well as password and hit “Continue” to proceed.
  5. Follow the instructions to conclude the registration and you can access all the services and special offers.

If you are a active bee, Barclaycard mobility fits you to a tee. You can lightly and quickly make payments on the go. Better yet, you have the chance to get more coupons and special offers. If you are interested, download the app to your clever phone via Reference Link 2 below.

If you have any questions or problems, just view the FAQ at Reference Link 3 or contact the customer service rep at 1-302-622-8990. If you are not an American citizen, call 1-302-255-8888. Besides, you can keep touch with the Barclaycard staff by mail via Reference Link 4 below.

About Barclay Card
Barclaycard is suggested by Barclays Retail and Business Banking which is a global payment business. The Barclaycard was the very first credit card introduced in the UK, coming into service in 1966. There are different kinds of credit card suggested by Barclay with balance transfers as well as providing contactless technology, before you apply for a credit card, you need to make sure what kind of card best fits you.

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