Make a One-Time Bill Payment for My Verizon

Looking for an lighter and quick way to make a payment to your Verizon? There you find it. Make a payment sans registering or signing in thru One-Time Bill Pay. Of course you can choose to log into My Verizon to make a payment or pay in person. Verizon makes your bill pay a trouble free one to meet your demands.

One-Time Bill Payment Instructions
A heads-up: If you make a one-time bill pay, you will be charged a $3.50 service fee per payment by a vendor. Avoid this fee by signing in or registering for My Verizon so that you can catch up on email, detect fresh movies and channels, pay your bill, update services, and more.

To make a payment without signing in or registering,

  1. Open www.verizon.com/payonline and check the adequate circle inbetween “Verizon Telephone Number” and “I don’t have a Verizon Telephone Number”.
  2. Depending on your choice, put in your Verizon Telephone Number, Verizon Account Number and Billing Zip Code, or just your Verizon Account Number and Billing Zip Code.
  3. Click on the “Pay Bill” button. You can use the following payment methods to make a one-time payment online:
    • Savings or checking account.
    • Mastercard, Visa, or AMEX credit card.
    • ATM card (NYCE, Pulse, or STAR).
  4. You have the option to choose to register or sign in to My Verizon on the same webpage.

The link to the right of the “Pay Bill” button permits you to find a convenient place to pay your bill in person. Hit the link and come in your location to find an authorized payment location. There are both free and convenience locations. Authorized convenience agents charge a fee of up to $1.50. No dosage of this fee is paid to Verizon.

You can commence a live talk with a service agent by clicking the “Chat Now” picture link on the right to address your problems with Verizon One-Time Bill Pay.

For your information, if you open My Verizon account, you are able to set up payment arrangements, enroll in Auto Pay and Paper Free Billing, set up a payment reminder, and view your payment history.

About Verizon
Verizon was founded in 1983 as Bell Atlantic and Verizon emerges in 2000 when Bell Atlantic merged with GTE – the former independent phone company. Now tooled with the nation’s most advanced fiber-optic network, Verizon has grown into American largest regional telephone company and 2nd largest telecommunications provider delivering the future of communications, broadband, and entertainment services.

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