Live Surprisingly and Eat Conveniently With a MyPanera Card

With the world ushering into a digital era, various cards are emerging endlessly and have been ubiquitous in people’s lives. The MyPanera Card issued by Panera Bread is a drop of the card ocean. Utilizing it certainly simplifies your dining matters in the Panera Bread bakery-cafe and makes surprising prizes available to you.

Live Surprisingly and Eat Conveniently With a MyPanera Card Guide
The MyPanera Card launched is intended to bring surprise and convenience to you during your dining at Panera Bread. You can make a quicker Panera Bread purchase with it than paying in cash. The more often you visit Panera Bread, the more convenient it will be. If you are lucky, unexpected prizes can be won during some programs upon completion of card registration. You may receive more services with an online account. Besides, the card may act as your last straw when you can’t come up with what bounty to buy for your friends.

Before accessing all the benefits rendered, you may need to take a few minutes to sign up and open an account online.

  • Enter www.mypanera.com to learn details about the company and MyPanera Card. Then, click here to register.
  • Input your individual information including your name, email address and password and then press the button marked “Continue” to proceed. Active your card, and you will get an online account.
  • In the navigation bar on the right of the page, there are other five options for you. Clicking on the “Manage Your Account” link, you may view your own information after cramming in your email address and password to sign in.
  • Additionally, you are accessible to check your balance and transaction histories by referring to the “Check Your Balance” option. Multiple cards can be tracked here as lengthy as you give your email address linked and password.
  • Furthermore, loading money into your card is also approachable. You can make it by coming in your card number and the amount to add to your card.
  • Supposing that you love all the advantages of the Panera Bread Gift Card but you don’t have one. It is truly a pity. Click on the “Buy a Panera Bread Gift Card” link of the total six options to get one at once. Alternatively, apply for one in the Panera Bread bakery-safe when you dine there next time.

Having learnt some information on the card, you can also view the card FAQ and company FAQ to acquire more details if you still have questions or problems. Meanwhile, visiting the Panera Bread Official Site at www.mypanera.com is also a good option.

About Panera Bread
Panera Bread is a chain of bakery-safes in the United States and Canada. Unlike most of western fast-food restaurants conforming to the rapid and requesting times, Panera Bread offers an antithesis to them by serving customers with hand made and artisan food  in warm and welcoming environments. Apart from freshly baked breads and cafe items, its menu also features fresh, crisp salads and savory soups etc. Today, Panera Bread’s attention to detail attracts enlargening guests.

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