Live Happier and Richer With Rite Aid Wellness+ Rewards Program

Believe or not, health is capital of your life, the one you are willing to maintain at all costs. With Rite Aid Wellness+ Rewards Programs, keeping sport is not so costly any more. You can lightly get special members-only prizes from Rite Aid and manufacturers like 20% off the entire store yearly, free pharmacist consultation, unlimited coupon, attractive merchandise and more. So, participate in the activities to live more satisfied and richer.

Live Happier and Richer With Rite Aid Wellness+ Rewards Programs Guide
To appreciate all the customers, old and new, Rite Aid launched a series of wellness+ prizes programs. Each of them boasts incomparable savings, services and other benefits. For example, you can get 20% off non-prescription purchases for a year with wellness 65+ and access Denise Austin Fitness DVDs at no charge by stacking up 500 points.

To apply for all the prizes programs and access all the benefits, you need to have an online wellness+ account and a wellness+ card handy. Both can be acquired thru registration.

  1. Enter www.riteaid.com/wellness and click the button marked “Sign Up for wellness+”.
  2. At the fresh page, you are shown two entries. Enroll in the Rite Aid wellness+ prizes programs thru your My Pharmacy account by inputting your username and password. Otherwise, cram in your details including private information, account information and so on to sign up. Please note that you can join in the wellness 65+ program as well as wellness+ communications and apply for a wellness+card during the process.
  3. To get a card, you need to provide your address, phone number, date of birth and gender etc. The applied card will mailed to you within two weeks.
  4. Clicking the “Sign Up” button, you are successfully enrolled in the prizes programs. If you would like to take activity now, print a improvised card for instant use until the permanent one is available.
  5. Meanwhile, you have the chance to open a free My Pharmacy account here to manage your prescriptions, pharmacy records and more.
  6. Next time, you can lightly and directly check points, track rewards, access offers as well as other programs, view health-related resources, edit the profile and converse with professionals thru your wellness+ account by inputting the username and password.

As a member of the wellness+ prizes programs, you are accessible to the special member-only savings and services. There are 7 activities in total. Look thru them below and pick the suitable ones.

Points Earning
Points can be redeemed for special rewards. Every purchase at Rite Aid can earn you points and stir you closer to the desirable offers. You can get 1 point for each non-prescription purchase and 25 points for each qualifying prescription fill. When accumulating your points up to 500, you can obtain a good wellness suggest for free such as a Gift Certificate, 13 Hearst Magazine Subscriptions, GNC Gold Card Membership, Quest Diagnostics Health Screenings, Denise Austin Fitness DVDs, Online Membership Trial and more.

Up Rewards
With Up Rewards, you can save more when making both in-store and online purchases on your next visit to Rite Aid.

  1. Clicking “Weekly Ad” at the homepage and inputting your zip code, you will get a total picture of the featured products.
  2. Receive discounts at register after you buy these special items on the Weekly Ad and you can choose to have it automatically loaded into your wellness+ card or printed on your receipt for your next qualifying purchase.

Heads up: The prizes can only be redeemed after 6 a.m. the day after it was earned and valid for 14 days.

Load2Card is an eCoupon management program. With it, you can lightly get savings sans purchase.

  1. Visit riteaid.couponselectionpage.com/offers/all and choose your preferred coupons.
  2. Tick the “Clip” boxes of them, and the selected coupons will automatically be added to your card within minutes. Heading to the “My Loaded Coupons” column, you can see all your trophies.
  3. Scan your card at checkout when you visit Rite Aid and the register will automatically recognize them for the products you are buying.
  4. Redeem them to get savings.

Additionally, there are also other decent programs for you to choose like Wellness 65+, Wellness+ for Diabetes, Rx Savings, Allergy Rewards, Automated Courtesy Refills and KidCents etc.

You can learn more details about them at www.riteaid.com/wellness. If you have any questions or problems about health, the programs or Rite Aid, view the wellness+ Articles via

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