LexAble iPhone Autocorrect

Do you want to witness the photos that people looking for the hilarious pictures coming from iPhone auto correction related errors, typos and pictures? www.autocorrect.com was a domain hosted by LexAble, assistive software development company, who developed a Global AutoCorrect computer program can help you. You can take a look at it, but I bet it is not something you are looking for.

About LexAble
LexAble is constantly developing, widening and improving its software. LexAble originated from one person’s desire to reach his potential. Founded in 2007 and based in Cardiff, UK, LexAble now develops pushy software benefiting people with dyslexia in school, university and the workplace.

iPhone is becoming the signal of your daily life, what kind of application you installed and how do you use them every day? Did you find any stupid of hilarious auto correction related items, take the screenshot and share it at www.autocorrect.com related websites.

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