Kyrgyzstan has denied the version of the FSB about the detention of the defendant in the case about the attack

Akram Asimov

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The explosion in the subway of Saint Petersburg

Rostransnadzor has identified violations during the inspection of the St. Petersburg metro

The court arrested the brother of a possible organizer of the explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg
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Involved in the case of the terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg Akram Asimov was taken from a private clinic in Osh, by Kyrgyz special services, to the letter of the Director of the clinic. The FSB claimed that Azimov was detained in New Moscow

A letter from the hospital

Arrested on the case about the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg metro Akram Asimov, April 15, was taken from the hospital in Osh, the State Committee for national security (SCNS) of Kyrgyzstan. It follows from the letter signed by the chief physician of a private clinic “hasiyat” Zina Karimova and the attending physician Sanjarbek by Mohtashim. The document is at the disposal of RBC, its authenticity confirmed to RBC, the father of the suspect, Oral Asimov, who also has a copy of the letter, and the doctor of the clinic “hasiyat”.

The letter States that on April 13 around 12:20 Akram Asimov turned to the clinic complaining of shortness of nasal breathing, weakness and headaches. The patient was hospitalized, and doctors diagnosed him with “bilateral acute purulent sinusitis”. 15 APR Asimov had the surgery, and on the same day around 15:35 it took three members of the SCNS. After a few hours, Asimov was brought to the dressing, and then was taken away again.

“To us national security Committee is not given any documents except your ID card,” — said in the letter. Because two days later Asimov was not returned, the patient was discharged, and its history closed. “He needs to extend further treatment in stationary conditions,” — noted Tuhtashev and Karimov.

“Yes, he removed the SCNS, then it is not returned. The name did not name, had threatened the doctor said: “if you Want, and you’ll take?”. Then came his mother, and told her that [Asimov] was off somewhere, we don’t know where he is”, — told RBC, the doctor in the clinic “khasiat”, answered the call of the correspondent.

The Federal security service has reported the arrest of Asimov on 19 April on the territory of New Moscow. RT has published operational footage of his arrest, during which he found a grenade RGD-5. Asimov was captured on the territory of the settlement Moscow, said at the meeting of the Basmanny court on the measure of restraint to the suspect, the investigator Andrey Zhigulin.

Detention of the brother of the alleged organizer of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg Video: FSB

“Staged performance”

That Asimov actually was taken from the Osh hospital, said informed his family. “They took him straight from the hospital on 15 April and made the play like it in Moscow suburbs have detained”, — told RBC before the court hearing the father of the suspect, Oral Asimov. He also showed RBC photo of the boarding pass son on flight of S7 airlines, which Asimov Mar 27, took off from Domodedovo airport in Osh. Back in Russia, he after that its course did not return, said Azimov-the senior.

Missing, Akram Asimov after admission and interrogation in the national security Committee, “Interfax” was told by his brother Bilal and the mother of the Wazir. The latter explained that Asimov on admission was not in possession of a passport and money for a ticket, to fly to Moscow, he could not.

“All the issues — Russia’s Investigative Committee and the FSB. Don’t call us on this issue”, — said RBC official representative of the national security Committee Rakhat Sulaimanov. RBC has sent requests to the Russian investigative Committee and FSB.

Intelligence agencies of several post-Soviet countries actively cooperate with the FSB in the issues of “informal” exchange of the detainees, told RBC lawyer Anna Stavitskaya. According to her, in fact it is often about the kidnapping. “In my practice there were several cases when the person was detained on the territory of Russia, the question of his extradition, for example, in Uzbekistan or Tajikistan, as the European court prohibited the extradition. People were released, they immediately kidnapped and with the help of our special services carried on the territory of those foreign States. And here the opposite situation,” — said the lawyer.

According to her, the actions of security forces illegal, but the reasons are clear: “If our law enforcement agencies understand that the person is in the territory of a foreign state, was supposed to be running the appropriate mechanisms. The Prosecutor General’s office had to send to Kyrgyzstan’s request on extradition of this man, given all the documents. Kyrgyzstan would have solved this issue after a long period of time and then the decision could be appealed in court. This procedure can take six months. Why do the papers each other forward when you can just come, take and take?”, — said Stavitskaya.

The case of terrorist attack

Azimov became the tenth defendant in a criminal case on the terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg. According to investigators, he “engaged in falsification of documents members of the international terrorist organization” so they can freely enter Russia and “personally received money in the territory of the Turkish Republic from an active participant of the international terrorist organization”, said the judge’s decision Helena Lena.

The money he gave to his brother Abror Asimov, which takes place in the same case (FSB called it a likely organizer of the attack). It Abror Azimov transferred the money to the suicide bomber About Jalilova “to prepare a terrorist act”, according to the materials of the case. On interrogation in SKR Akram Asimov “explained that he and his brother had committed acts that contributed to the explosion,” said the investigator Zhigulin. The suspect and his lawyer Olga Kisieva said that he does not recognize his involvement in the explosion, however, confirms the Commission of certain actions, which consequently connects with the attack.

The attack in the St. Petersburg underground has occurred on April 3. According to investigators, the terrorist About Jalilov made up in the train, which followed from the station “Sennaya Ploschad” station “Technological Institute”. The attack killed 16 people, including the bomber, and more than 60 injured. After the attack, all the stations of St. Petersburg metro was closed, and security forces have discovered another, more powerful explosive device at the station “Ploschad Vosstaniya”. Bombs of this type are typical for most middle Eastern Islamists for the North Caucasian armed underground, told RBC experts who studied photos of the device.

SKR and FSB check on participation in act of terrorism ideologue of the banned in Russia “Islamic state” of Islam Atabiev nicknamed Abu Jihad, which since 2011 is in Syria and well known among the Russian-speaking and Caucasian militants for propaganda videos on the Internet, said informed RBC a source in the National anti-terrorist Committee and confirmed by a source familiar with the investigation.