Kyrgyz doctors: brother “of St. Petersburg organizer of the terrorist attack” from the hospital was kidnapped by intelligence agencies

Kyrgyz doctors private clinic “hasiyat” in an official letter, at the disposal of RBC confirmed that Akram Azizov, which in Russia is accused of assisting a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, was taken from the hospital by members of the local Security. Thus, the statement by the FSB that he was allegedly detained in the suburbs, is untenable.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

According to the chief of the clinic of Zina Karimov and doctor Asimov’s Sanjarbek Tuhtashev, he was hospitalized after treatment in the hospital April 13 with a diagnosis of “bilateral acute purulent sinusitis”. On April 15 the patient had surgery, then he came to the Security staff. Later they brought him back for the procedure, then took again, while not explaining the motive of their actions.

In addition, the hospital told journalists that security officers threatened the doctor on duty, saying “I Want, and you’ll take?”

Recall that the first that her son had been detained in Kyrgyzstan, said yesterday his mother, Wazir. At trial, this was confirmed by the father of the suspect, Oral. The parents called the video the FSB with the arrest of their son in the village of Moscow “staged” and “staging”.

Previously arrested was the brother of Akram Asimov, Abror, of which the consequence named the organizer of the attack, allegedly instruct on how to spend it, the alleged bomber of About Jalilova. The decision on granting Russian citizenship last one, according to the interior Ministry, was posthumously revoked by a court decision because of the previously deceased some false information.

Recall that Asimov Akram accused that he allegedly falsified documents for the international terrorist organization and passed on funds to terrorists received in Turkey.

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“The FSB has published a video of detention of the brother of the St. Petersburg suicide: I went to testify”